Wednesday 21st June 2017

We are learning to write a recount about Garden To Table

Why: For our blog

Success Criteria

What I need to do:

How did I go?

Buddy Check. How did the go?

I include all my ideas from my plan



A clear introduction including when and where it was.



Sentence starters (First, Next, Then, Suddenly, Finally)



A personal comment - How you were feeling

Next step

Working on

At Least three things you did



Start writing here….


On Monday the 19th of June, Miss Tonga and Mrs Bound and the other volunteers, even Rm six went to garden to table and it was in the school hall.

First we went to Miss Tonga’s office and we were learning how to do things correctly and listen to instructions. She said “get into your grooups”. We got some gloves and we were ready to go.

Next my group was in group one and Miss Tonga went to harvest some chives and some rosemaries. It even smells like a stinky as an skunk.

Then that we went to the hall and we were starting to cook.

After my group called group one went to peel the kumara’s carefully.

Finally we got to eat and it was delicious!