Circulation, Fines, Claims Returns Policy FINAL 2015

Library users (users)  may have up to 30 items checked out at one time.

*These items may only be checked out on teen or adult cards.

Fines Policy

Claims Returned Policy

A claims return process may be initiated by users who claim they’ve returned an item to the library. The claims return process shall not be used lightly, but only when users strongly feel they’ve returned an item. Users should have executed a thorough search for library items prior to claiming a return.  

Users shall make a claim to the library staff at the services desk.  Users must detail where they returned the item so the library staff have a place to begin looking.  

Once a claim is made:

  1. Library staff shall mark the item as claimed returned in the catalog and user’s account.
  2. Library staff shall execute and oversee a search for the lost item(s)
  1. If the item is found, the claim shall be removed from the user’s account.  
  2. If the item is not found, the library shall replace the item, either allowing the claim, if the claim is within the limit of two per user per year, or billing the user for the replacement.  
  1. If the item is subsequently found by the user, any late fees accrued on the item shall be waived. However, the incident shall continue to count towards the yearly total of allowed claims.

Users are allowed two claims returned per year.  After two claims, users are held accountable for cost and/or replacement of any unreturned item(s). Items found within the library do not count towards the claims returned limit.

Approved by the Board of Trustees April 20, 2011.  Reapproved February 26, 2015