Date: October 29, 2013

Subject: Installation Timeline Status Update


As you recall, at our project status meeting on Sept 26, the Oncor representative indicated the 2014 Oncor incentive will most likely be the same and recommended that we just shift the timing of our installations to take advantage of the 2014 Oncor program.  As of today, everything continues to look good with this plan!


Over the last week, Axium Solar has been contacting the contracted participants to provide them with an overall installation timeline update.  Please see the next milestones given below.

Be sure to contact Axium Solar if you have any additional questions, and contact them for coordination of events for your specific installation.

As we indicated in our previous status update, because of the shift in timing of the Oncor incentive funding, we decided to re-open enrollment until October 31. This has allowed additional people to learn about local clean solar energy and a few more participants to sign contracts for solar installations! Our revised Solarize Plano Project contracted status is:

Contracting COMPLETED - Surpassed goal of 80 kW+ (status of 10/29/13)


We will provide our next status update within the next 2-4 weeks.

Thanks & Shine On from:

Larry Howe, Bob Litwins, and all the volunteers of Plano Solar Advocates

And Axium Solar