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Richard Charnin

June 30,  2015

Reclaiming Science: The JFK Conspiracy

JFK: Probability Sensitivity Analysis of Unnatural Deaths and Homicides

Michael T. Griffith: Evidence of Zapruder film Alteration

Richard E. Sprague: The Taking of America, 1-2-3

Philip A. Stahl: The JFK Assassination: The Final Analysis

Philip Stahl reviews Reclaiming Science

John McAdams hit piece on Philip Stahl's Review of Reclaiming Science

Philip Stahl: Uniquely Qualified to Review Reclaiming Science

Responding to Warren Commission Apologist “Reviews”

JFK Calc: A Witness Spreadsheet Database 

JFK Calc: Questions on the Spreadsheet Analysis

JFK: Oswald in the Doorway -An Opinion Survey


JFK: Executive Action and the London Times Actuary

JFK: Confirming the London Sunday Times Actuary's Odds

JFK: Impossible Timings

JFK: Altering and hiding the evidence

JFK: Videos that Prove a Conspiracy

JFK: Mathematical Proof the Oswald Backyard Photos Were Faked

JFK: Mathematical Proof of a Grassy Knoll Shooter

JFK: Mathematical Proof of Zapruder Film Alteration

JFK: How Many of the Following Must be True to Prove a Conspiracy?

JFK: To Believe the Zapruder Film Was Not Altered You Must Believe…

JFK: Cover-up by the Numbers

JFK: Graphical Proof of a Conspiracy

JFK: Absolute Numerical Proof of a Conspiracy

JFK: Eyewitnesses speak


JFK: Oswald in the Doorway: Why is the Evidence Dismissed?

JFK: Timeline of events on 11/22

JFK: Evidence Oswald was on the 1st floor

JFK: Oswald in the Doorway - an Opinion Survey

JFK: Oswald on the Top Level; Lovelady on the Steps

JFK: Judyth Baker's pixel analysis of the shirt proves Oswald is Doorman

JFK: To Believe Oswald was NOT in front of the TSBD you must believe

JFK: Oswald was "Out with Bill Shelley in Front"

JFK: Was Oswald Standing in Front of the TSBD at 12:30?

JFK: Did Oswald shoot Tippit? Eyewitnesses: NO; Warren Commission:YES

JFK: Explosive Testimony: Roger Craig, Will Fritz and Oswald

JFK:To Believe That Oswald Killed JFK You Must Believe That…


JFK: Mathematician/physicist Philip Stahl exposes the Media

JFK: Exposing Media and Coincidence Theorists (CTs) in the Cover-up

JFK: Will the Media Ever Ask the Right Questions?

JFK: Evidence the Media Won't Talk About

JFK: London Sunday Times and the HSCA Cover-up

JFK PBS Special: Comments to the LA Times

JFK: "Parkland",  Dr. Charles Crenshaw and "Executive Action"

JFK: Why Wikipedia, HSCA, Bugliosi and Posner got it Wrong

JFK: REELZ "The Smoking Gun", Parkland Doctors and "Executive Action"

Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation Into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the Assassination


JFK: The Oswald/Tippit Impossible Timeline

JFK: Paradigm Shift: Deaths of Witnesses Called to Testify

JFK: Convenient Deaths of Warren Commission Witnesses

JFK: A Closer Look at the HSCA list of 21 Deaths

JFK: Death of 7 FBI Officials Due  to Testify at HSCA

JFK: the Simkin Index

JFK Dealey Plaza Witnesses: Probability Analysis of Suspicious Deaths

JFK Dealey Plaza Witnesses: A Survey Comparison

JFK Dealey Plaza Witnesses: John McAdams Strange List

JFK Dealey Plaza Witnesses: The Double Bang Time Interval


Conspiracy Theories and Mathematical Probabilities

JFK: Probability Analysis and Database of Unnatural Witness Deaths

JFK: How Many Accidents, Suicides and Natural Deaths Were Likely Homicides?

JFK Witness Mortality: Key Statistics

JFK: Cause of Death Statistics

JFK: Calculating the Probabilities

JFK: Sensitivity Analysis proves a Conspiracy

JFK: Probability of Warren Commission Witnesses Unnatural Deaths

JFK: Actual vs. Expected Unnatural-Deaths

JFK: Witness Deaths Data and Methodology

JFK: Mysterious Witness Deaths

JFK: Unnatural Deaths: A Statistical Summary


JFK: Warren Commission Apologists Comment on the Evidence

JFK: Debunking Dale Myers

JFK: Exposing a Disinformationist on Facebook

JFK: Lone Nutters and Trolls: Compendium of Lies, Stupidity and Ignorance

JFK: A math-phobic troll claims JFK-related deaths are not suspicious

JFK: Selected vs. Random Groups and WC Apologist Confusion

JFK: Talking Points from the McAdams-Reitzes Academy of Disinformation

JFK: Responding to Warren Commission Apologists

JFK: Warren Commission Apologists Feeble Attempts to Debunk the Analysis

JFK: Debunking Aaronson’s "Twenty Reasons to Believe Oswald Acted Alone”

JFK: Exposing an Admitted Lone Nutter

JFK: Exposing the Tactics of an Internet Troll

JFK: Debunking a Witness Death Lone Nutter

JFK: Exposing John McAdams: World-class Professor of Disinformation

JFK: Debunking John McAdams’ Debunking of Jim Marrs'  Witness List

JFK: Researchers Comment on John McAdams


The JFK Witness Death Quiz

The JFK Assassination Quiz