12:00 lovethisnest7: QUESTION:  you are sure that these are the same eagles from last year?  how soon after last year's eaglet did the nest deteriorate?

12:00 sarge31: QUESTION can you give a brief summary of the eaglets hatching, eyesight, eating habits, growth...etc ??

12:01 KarenVA_WE: ok, we are ready to begin, please welcome and give the floor to Annette_2014

12:01 annette_2014: hi everyone!

12:01 Eagle_Spy_2012: Hi Annette welcome!

12:01 wedoresale: welcome Annette

12:01 KarenVA_WE: she can introduce herself

12:01 CoCaNana: welcome Annette, thanks for being here

12:02 jojo1951: Hello Annette  thanks for talking to us

12:02 annette_2014: my pleasure, lets have some fun.

12:02 LambchopPa: Im excited!

12:02 kashmere-PA: Welcome

12:02 linda37360: hi annette welcome

12:03 vlb50: Thank you!! Such a great site.

12:03 CoCaNana: QUESTION, where is best place to view the nest and easiest way to get there

12:03 KarenVA_WE: annette, please introduce yourself and how you are involved then the questions can start

12:03 jojo1951: QUESTION  when hatching, will mama help at all ?

12:03 annette_2014: the best place is on the bike trail near sandcastle. park at costco in waterfront and its a 1.5 mile walk to the nest.

12:04 CoCaNana: ty

12:04 jean4929: QUESTION-when do parents detect life in the egg before it hatches?

12:04 LambchopPa: QUESTION: with the parents show any signs that the hatching is bout to happen and will they remain in the nest if they need help?

12:05 KITPennsylvania: Please be patient and wait for the answer to the previous question before asking one or some will be skipped over!

12:05 annette_2014: i am an eagle enthusiast and amatuer photographer and have spent hundreds of hours observing the eagles in Hays.

12:05 kashmere-PA: QUESTION:  Is there a way to have people realize that we cannot get involved   People keep saying to put things up to secure the area and when weather is bad, that we should help  

12:05 kashmere-PA: This is to see nature being real without our interaction

12:06 annette_2014: i know the parents can hear tapping ing the egg prior to it hatching cause it becomes thinner.

12:07 jean4929: ty

12:08 conure09: question: can u tell how old the Eagles are?

12:08 jojo1951: QUESTION will mama help chick break out

12:08 annette_2014: i believe the eagles are about 5-6 years old.

12:09 conure09: thank you.

12:09 steelerfan83: QUESTION    do they hear them chirping in egg

12:09 KarenVA_WE: there are some other questions above, please allow annette time to look at them too

12:09 annette_2014: maybe not chirping but beaks clicking

12:09 KarenVA_WE: if your question is missed, please be patient or ask again

12:09 LambchopPa: QUESTION: will the parents stay in or around the nest?

12:10 annette_2014: yes they will stay near the nest, lambchop

12:10 tymbur58: why does the daddy keep turning all the way around

12:10 MaryMar13: definately!!!

12:11 annette_2014: he just staying comfy

12:11 conure09: question: do they Eagles stay here year round or do they go somewhere else?

12:11 tymbur58: so there isnt any reason for it

12:11 kashmere-PA: QUESTION  I asked about helping to make it clear to people about us not getting involved and if you could please clear that up about how we do not step in

12:12 annette_2014: these eagles never left the area since last january whenthey arrived.

12:12 CoCaNana: QUESTION do the momma and pappa help the babied out of egg and will both of them be there when eggs hatch?

12:12 conure09: that is waesome thanks

12:12 ixip: QUESTION Is the juvenile from last year still around?

12:12 conure09: awesome sorry

12:12 tymbur58: how do  you know which is daddy and mommy what seperates them

12:13 annette_2014: Kashmere, not sure I understand...who are "we" not getting involved?

12:13 BBoppsinNM: QUESTION: how long does baby stay with parents?

12:14 ron1953: if a chick dye will they eat it

12:14 annette_2014: we have seen juvie recently. not sure if it is ours or a migrant. parents have been pretty tolerant of this juvie so maybe........

12:14 wyzrdtowr: QUESTION    why do they arrange the egss different ways, mom in triangle..dad ina a row?

12:14 annette_2014: daddy is smaller than mama and has a little white spot on right hip.

12:14 kashmere-PA: QUESTION  People keep wanting intervention to keep them safe.  Security fences, stepping in when it is cold, giving them food, etc.  People have called different organizations and wanted action taken.

12:15 jojo1951: QUESTION are our eagles displaying normal pre hatching behavior ex. adding too & fluffing nest ?

12:15 kashmere-PA: Can you clear it up that we need to stay out of it and this is nature being nature and we have to remember that

12:15 luisatoffoli: Question from Italy. Give a name to male and female?

12:15 tymbur58: how do  you know which is daddy and mommy what seperates them

12:16 annette_2014: baby will stay until she learnes to fly and hunt on her own. usually 3 months or so

12:16 annette_2014: thank you!

12:16 curiousgirl74: QUESTION:  Where does the dad go at night when mom is sleeping in the nest?

12:17 annette_2014: No one including the game commision will intervene unless the baby is left alone by a parent dying etc. they are wild animals and should stay that way.

12:18 annette_2014: i have witnessed dad sitting in the same tree about 100 ft to the left of the nest almost every night where he can still watch nest.

12:18 jean4929: QUESTION how close together will eggs laid days apart hatch?

12:18 curiousgirl74: Thank you so very much Annette!!!  :)

12:19 LambchopPa: QUESTION: how soon will the hatchlings sex be told?

12:19 tymbur58:  how do  you know which is daddy and mommy what seperates them

12:19 ixip: QUESTION What are the rules for viewing nest from ground?

12:19 annette_2014: hatch are expected to be 3/26, 3/30, and 4/2.

12:19 kashmere-PA: Thank you  That is what I meant  People not interfering

12:20 CoCaNana: QUESTION do the momma and pappa help the babied out of egg and will both of them be there when eggs hatch?

12:20 conure09: Tymbur dad has a white marking on his left side and he is smaller then the female

12:20 annette_2014: we never found out the sex of last years juvie. no real way to tell unless they are banded.

12:20 tymbur58: thank you

12:20 conure09: your welcome

12:20 janburk: QUESTION:  when a nest is to be built, does the male start building it first,   thank you

12:20 LambchopPa: Thank you Annette.

12:21 BBoppsinNM: QUESTION:  what is likelihood that all three eggs will survive?

12:21 ron1953: will they reuse the same nest next year

12:21 annette_2014: viewing from the ground ..... you are far enough away from the nest that there arent many rules, just etiquette. no loud loud noise. however they live above a train so they are used to noise.

12:22 pagram84-1: QQ..are blood tests done to determine sex of eaglets?

12:22 birdseye2u: QUESTION:will there be signs of impending hatch?

12:22 annette_2014: if a chick dies they may eat or push over the edge.

12:23 jojo1951: QUESTION  are these eagles exhibiting  no0rmal pre hatching behavior EX. fluffing nest ?

12:23 annette_2014: they will reuse the same nest for years

12:23 carriedonpinions: QUESTION:all of the nests I watch, the birds have names. Why is this do the powers that be find no need to name these eagles when other Pa nests have names? And why is there no banding of eagles in Pa

12:23 annette_2014: they havent tested any eaglets from this area for gender.

12:24 feather123fan: Q, the forecast for next week is a dip back into unseasonably cold temps (e.g. even colder than this week). Could that pose a danger for the babies?

12:24 pagram84-1: ty annette

12:25 annette_2014: naming is just to keep them "wild". as for no banding I am not sure of that but will try to find an answer for you before next session.

12:25 kashmere-PA: QUESTION   Do the family members stay in close proximity to each other even after they start their own family or do they just completely go their seperate ways?

12:25 annette_2014: they will stay warm. eagles have a body temperature of about 105 degrees,

12:26 feather123fan: O.k. thanks annette!

12:26 annette_2014: eaglets go there own way and start anew. adults stay together for life. however if ones they will find a new mate very quickly.

12:26 wyzrdtowr: Question     why do the male and female arrange the eggs different ways?

12:27 annette_2014: i know they turn them to keep them evenly warm. dont know why they have their own way of doing this.

12:27 CoCaNana: QUESTION do the momma and pappa help the babied out of egg and will both of them be there when eggs hatch?

12:27 Bilw: If an eagle breaks the front of it's beak off, will it starve

12:27 linda37360: they just showed the eagles on kdka more at 5

12:28 tymbur58: you said annette they keep the same nest so next year we can expect the same eagles to have babies

12:28 BethPa: I just saw on the news, that a story will be coming up later today about increasing security around the Eagles.  Do you know why?

12:28 jean4929: QUESTION do parents abandon nest if clutch is "lost:?

12:28 Shell_88: Regrding turning: Sine male is smaller & has a smallerbrood patch to keep them warm, he will arrage them his way, & mom does her way du to her size & larger brood patch. :-)

12:28 feather123fan: I believe last night Mom readjusted them from line formation (she had been sitting on) to triangle (?)

12:28 annette_2014: mama and papa will be very nearby when they hatch. she may help baby out.

12:29 CoCaNana: ty

12:29 KarenVA_WE: if you have a question, please put QUESTION- in front of it, allow Annette to answer and plz hold extra chit chat until session is over, thanks

12:29 annette_2014: thanks shell

12:30 Shell_88: Great job Annette!

12:30 wyzrdtowr: thanks, Annette and Shell

12:30 annette_2014: thank you

12:30 carriedonpinions: Question:So unlike other raptors, there is no real conversation program in Pa of eagles?

12:30 Bilw: Question:  if an eagle breaks it's beak, will it starve?

12:31 feather123fan: Oops, sorry, didn't realize it was official question/ answer session. I just popped in in the middle with my question, thanks for answsering it.

12:31 janburk: QUESTION:  wil the male while finding a mate be building a nest  thank you

12:31 annette_2014: carrie, i will try to find out more from game commission about conservation.

12:31 sunshine061956: Question:  what are the chances that there will be 3 live births??

12:31 annette_2014: it will not starve

12:31 Bilw: ty

12:31 jojo1951: QUESTUON.. will mama exhibit any peculiar signs of impending "hatch " ?

         12:32 BBoppsinNM: QUESTION: are all three egg expected to survive?

12:32 Bilw: Lots of good questions here

12:32 annette_2014: the chances are good but the chance of all 3 surviving is much lower.

12:32 flynnigan: QUESTION: On average, how long does it take to build a nest of this size?

12:32 sunshine061956: ty annette

12:32 conure09: Question: How come?

12:32 kashmere-PA: QUESTION    Is it possible for 3 babies to make it to adulthood?

12:33 annette_2014: they were wonderful parents last year and there is plenty of food nearby in the mon

12:33 birdseye2u: QUESTION: repeat-are there signs the eggs will hatch soon  such as "LABOR"

12:33 tymbur58: Question, Annette, you said they keep the same nest is that correct? and if they do will we expect them to have  babies again next year

12:33 KITPennsylvania: Mon being the Mongahela River

12:34 Eagle_Spy_2012: QUESTION:  In your hundred hours of study can you tell me something that happen during your study that you find amazing or different about this nest?.

12:34 annette_2014: they began building about 9/15/2013. so several months and they will add on each year!

12:34 Karen-inVA: To share Annette's intro for those that missed it - Annette is an eagle enthusiast and amatuer photographer and has spent hundreds of hours observing the eagles in Hays.

12:34 SweetPandora369: QUESTION:Why is the Pennsylvania Game Comission increasing patrols and security in the nest area?

12:34 annette_2014: yes they should try to have babies again next year.

12:34 tymbur58: ty

12:34 Bilw: Kash she said chances are good but all may not survive

12:35 annette_2014: i will speak to the game commission for a better reply and get back to you.

12:35 kashmere-PA: QUESTION   When mom was being attacked by hawk/jeuvie bird for that hour, why didn't dad come?  She was really distressed!

12:36 annette_2014: dad may not have been nearby....ie getting a fish

12:36 steelerfan83: QUESTION  are the branches on the sides of nest high enough right now so they dodnt fall out

12:37 annette_2014: the nest is pretty deep!

12:37 Bilw: That hawk may have been waiting for an opportunity

12:38 curiousgirl74: QUESTION:  Will all 5 of them stay in the nest together - or does mom sleep elsewhere at night once the little ones come along

12:39 annette_2014: sometimes they will all be in the nest and sometimes one will roost on a tree nearby and also sleep there.

12:39 curiousgirl74: TY Annette

12:39 annette_2014: you are all very welcome

12:39 Bilw: Question:  The diet sems all protein, do they eat any veg. or carbs

12:39 Eagle_Spy_2012: QUESTION:  In your hundred hours of study can you tell me something that happen during your study that you find amazing or different about this nest?.

12:40 KITPennsylvania: Any questions that we have missed?  Please repost it!  Thank you!

12:40 Hays_Eagles_Fan: QUESTION how far do eagles generally fly from the nest when looking for food?

12:40 annette_2014: never seen them eat anything besides protein

12:40 steelerfan83: QUESTION this may be stupid but dont the babies need water and how do they get it

12:41 flynnigan: QUESTION: Once the trees have leaves, will the nest still be visible from the ground/bike trail?

12:41 lovethisnest7: QUESTION:  is there going to be a script of this session to refer to later?  Have had to answer the phone.

12:41 annette_2014: im amazed that they rebuilt in the same area as last season with all the noise and commotion!

12:41 wyzrdtowr: QUESTION   please describe 'branching"

12:41 KITPennsylvania: love yes

12:41 carriedonpinions: Question:was there just one egg last year? And what can you tell us about its fall and having to fledge from a limb?

12:42 annette_2014: But watching them fly in with sticks and maneuver them around for hours is fascinating.

12:42 Eagle_Spy_2012: ty

12:42 BBoppsinNM: QUESTION: are there eagles in all 50 states?

12:42 annette_2014: dont know how many eggs last year because no web cam to record. but only one eaglet.

12:42 Shell_88: QUESTION: Annette, do you ve a website where we can view your pics you have taken? And if so, are prints available for purchase?

12:43 Eagle_Spy_2012: QUESTION:  How do Eaglets get water..we all need water..or don't they need it till they are older?

12:43 annette_2014: i believe most states except hawaii

12:44 Pghcatlover: Hi I'm Steffi and I'm working on the transcript.

12:44 annette_2014: the eaglet fell on june 9 after the nest slipped after bad rain and wind. It took hours to find her but my husband spotted her 20 ft below the nest in a viney area.

12:44 annette_2014: she remained there for 20 days being brought food by parents.

12:45 annette_2014: eaglets get water from their food.

12:45 Bilw: wow! talk about stressed out parents

12:45 jean4929: QUESTION dov they have differant calls for differant reasons ie danger/break time etc?

12:46 annette_2014: IM the one who was stressed! lol

12:46 Bilw: I bet!

12:46 annette_2014: yes they sound different at different times

12:47 Custards: Whats that noise in background?

12:47 Hays_Eagles_Fan: any idea on how fr they normally travel from the nest to look for food? a mile? tens of miles?

12:47 annette_2014: scrapyard below and 2 train tracks, noisy!

12:47 Bilw: question: was it determined positivly that DDT was culprit in bad eggs?

         12:47 crystal115: is this nest a good size for the eaglets?

12:48 sunshine061956: Plus the traffic on Carson Street

12:48 steelerfan83: QUESTION if something would happen to one of the parents can one make it alone with babies

12:48 annette_2014: i think up to 15 miles if they have to for food

12:48 Hays_Eagles_Fan: wow that's amazing

12:48 KITPennsylvania: Reminder to start your questions with the word in caps  QUESTION

12:48 carriedonpinions: Question:since it is so noisy, and they have excellant hearing, what is your comment on the raccon attack?

12:48 annette_2014: good question, steelerfan. i will find out.

12:48 Eagle-eye717: How come on the noon news they said they increasing security

12:49 ixip: Question do you visit nest just about everyday?

12:49 crystal115: QUESTION is this nest a good size for the eaglets?

12:49 steelerfan83: tks anette

12:49 Custards: Some noisy customer like racoons

12:49 annette_2014: she was asleep and the raccoon was hungry...

12:49 wyzrdtowr: QUESTION    describe 'branching', please

12:49 lovethisnest7: I'll bet that raccoon will be a meal soon!!!

12:50 annette_2014: 4-5 days a week if the weather is good. and yes always in the summer.

12:50 Custards: He won't live Eagles have claws w/pressure

12:50 ixip: Thank you annette for your time today.

12:50 annette_2014: yw

12:51 annette_2014: the raccoon was no match for her

12:51 canonusr: Great Job Annette!!

12:51 conure09: i have learned alot todya appericate your time Annette

12:51 Custards: Right on

12:51 jojo1951: ANNETTE   thanks 4 your time & info & tolerating all of us !

12:51 jean4929: will you coe back after eggs hatch for us please

12:51 carriedonpinions: Question: will you come back after the eaglets are born and grow? Thank you!

12:51 annette_2014: thanks for your patience, i know im far behind. if I skip a question, please no its not intentional.

12:51 kashmere-PA: Thank for all of the information Annette

12:52 steelerfan83: your doing fine

12:52 Bilw: Question Repete:  Was it determined positivly that DDT was culprit in egg demise?  Good job byt the way

12:52 debb6255: wyzrd..branching is when the eaglet goes out from the nest onto a branch to get ready for fledge

12:52 annette_2014: i am willing to help as often as i can. (and am asked to do so)

12:52 wyzrdtowr: Thanks, debb

12:52 debb6255: yw

12:52 annette_2014: thank you debb, im behind.

12:53 kashmere-PA: QUESTION  About how long after they branch will it be before they fledge

12:53 debb6255: yw annette

12:53 crystal115: I bet the racoon was looking for extra food scraps and got a shock when he saw the mom up there

12:53 debb6255: 3 months or so kash

12:54 debb6255: sorry that is 3 months from nest

12:54 kashmere-PA: Wow  ok thanks  thought it would be soon after  thanks

12:54 annette_2014: I saw a raccoon messing with the nest in october when no one was in it.

12:54 CoCaNana: QUESTION::::, I've noticed that the eagles have their beaks partially opened a lot more today then I've seen in th epast, Is there a reason for this?????

12:54 carriedonpinions: Question:I know predators will try to get the chicks, have you seen a lot of predators in the area?

12:54 annette_2014: they cool off with their mouths open.

12:54 CoCaNana: Oh,  thanks

12:55 SweetPandora369: QUESTION: On my last trips to Alaska and Arizona, the eagles'  wingspans were larger in Alaska than Arizona by almost a foot.  How do these compare in size to "average"?

12:55 CoCaNana: makes sense since a warmer day in DABurgh

12:55 crystal115: warmer for her mama

12:55 crystal115: maybe

12:55 annette_2014: i have seen redtails, turkey vultures etc. no match for adult but baby can be a target. they watch pretty closely.

12:56 kashmere-PA: This could be hard to watch soon if they are threatened

12:56 conure09: Question: if baby being attacked will they come in an attack?

12:56 steelerfan83: QUESTION how high is the nest

12:56 LambchopPa: QUESTION: The daddy looe to be panting earlier...do they prefer the cooler temps? The nest seems very sunny today without leaves yet.

12:56 sandy1829: How often do they roll the eggs?

12:56 annette_2014: you may see things you dont want to see. this is nature.

12:57 annette_2014: yes they will chase off predators if too close to baby.

12:57 crystal115: QUESTION how old are mom and dad?

12:57 bakerladys: daddy is really focused on something.

12:57 CoCaNana: all a part of the circle of life annette, expect the unexpected....

12:57 annette_2014: we believe 5 - 6 years old

12:57 conure09: that is mom on nest

12:58 crystal115: pretty new adults

12:58 Antlouie: Why do male and female have different ways of positioning the eggs?  

12:58 annette_2014: yes, we believe last year was first attempt at parenting and they did great!

12:58 kashmere-PA: I hope people will prepare themselves and remember this is their life story

12:58 bakerladys: ok thanks didnt know , just got back on.

12:58 conure09: that's ok

12:58 MaryMar13: about how mahy times a day do they change places

12:59 CoCaNana: well said kash

12:59 annette_2014: was told by someone earlier that because dad is smaller that he arranges them to fit under his chest different than mom.

13:00 conure09: Mary so far they have switched 3 times

13:00 steelerfan83: QUESTION how high is the nest

13:00 SweetPandora369: Qustion: On my last trip to Alaska and to Arizona, I noticed that the eagles'  wingspans were larger in Alaska than Arizona by almost a foot.  How do these compare in size to "average"?

13:00 annette_2014: personally i have seen them change 6-7 times a day. thats only during daylight hours too.

13:00 Antlouie: Thanks! This is enjoyable/educational.

13:01 annette_2014: the nest is about 40 ft from the ground but its on a hillside so about 200 ft from the trail.

13:01 carriedonpinions: Thank you Annette! Happy Eagle watching!

13:01 steelerfan83: tks

13:01 KITPennsylvania: Any questions we missed?

13:02 Shell_88: QUESTION: Do you have a website where we can view your pics you have taken?

13:02 Eagle_Spy_2012: QUESTION: Is your study on the internet?

13:02 annette_2014: oh many good ones on bald eagles of w pa facebook page. some on flickr

13:02 steelerfan83: thank you for your time annette please come back

13:03 sunshine061956: There's the eggs!!

13:03 Eagle_Spy_2012: Ty Annette I have learned a lot from you.

13:03 Shell_88: OK- so it's under W PA on facebook?

13:03 LambchopPa: Learned alot...thank you!

13:03 lovethisnest7: Love your pictures on the Facebook page.

13:04 annette_2014: Bald eagles of western Pa

13:05 Antlouie: how do you access pictures on fb?

13:05 Shell_88: TY! Terrific! :-) Great job today!

13:05 annette_2014: thanks to all of you, im enjoying this.

13:05 Hays_Eagles_Fan: TY Annette

13:05 EagkeEyeTomR: QUESTION: Are there other eagle webcams in Pgh?

13:05 LambchopPa: Hope to bike the trail soon...will take binos and hope to find this nest!

13:05 annette_2014: not yet.

13:05 kashmere-PA: Question  Pittsburgh ones seem to be the ones people are interested, there are others in PA  Are they getting ready to hatch eggs too?  How many are there in PA along?

13:05 annette_2014: i will help you lambchop.

13:07 annette_2014: the interest in pittsburgh is overwhelming because its in such a metro area and we havent had eagles for decades. the eaglet last year was the first in 200 years.

13:07 LambchopPa: AWE! Thank you Annette!!

13:07 conure09: we have come a long way then

13:07 steelerfan83: QUESTION when mom goes out during day does she look for food or just chill out and get nesting

13:07 annette_2014: i am there alot! i should get a life but for now this is my life! its  a great hobby.

13:07 kashmere-PA: Thanks  I knew they hadn't been here

13:08 kashmere-PA: That is a long time

13:08 jean4929: advocation?

13:08 kashmere-PA: Would love to go to trail with you some time

13:08 annette_2014: Friday she was gone for an hour and a half when i was there so probably fishing and chilling. she deserves it.

13:09 Eagle_Spy_2012: My bird dog goes crazy too!

13:09 annette_2014: i am an amateur jean.

13:09 steelerfan83: i agree annette tks

13:09 carriedonpinions: Question:Karen, or Kit, could we get someone from the PA Game Commission here to answer the state related questions?

13:09 conure09: she seems to set on the eggs the most how come?

13:10 MaryMar13: What is their life span?

13:10 KarenVA_WE: carrie, this is first of others we are hoping to arrange, no promises but we will try

13:10 carriedonpinions: ty!

13:10 annette_2014: i posted a pic on FB of my cat staring at cam. I had to close it to get him to move.

13:10 flynnigan: QUESTION: Is the nest easily visible from the trail when there are leaves on the trees?

13:10 conure09: My Sun Conure is afraid of the noise

13:10 annette_2014: lifespan 15 -20 years

13:10 kashmere-PA: Me too

13:11 kashmere-PA: Good life span

13:11 feather123fan: QUESTION related to Steeler's  earlier question, When we haven't observed them eating in the nest for day or two, are Mom and Dad  grabbing meals on the go? I guess you partly answered already

13:11 carriedonpinions: Wray the Catalina Eagle was 28 then she disappeared

13:11 annette_2014: they began building nest in september and leaves were less and less every time i saw it. not sure how it will look in full bloom.

13:11 BirdFriend7: QUESTION: Do you own any exotic birds ?

13:12 steelerfan83: QUESTION this may sound stupid again but do they have teeth

13:12 annette_2014: no teeth

13:13 annette_2014: no exotic birds at home.

13:13 annette_2014: they can live up to 30 years but average is less unless in captivity.

13:13 Antlouie: did I read that adults regurgitate food for babies?

13:14 annette_2014: eagles dont regurgitate

13:14 kashmere-PA: Wow

13:14 ShamrockT3: Pigeons do that

13:14 KITPennsylvania: tops Q&A Session started at noon and there will be a transcript to read later on what you missed

13:14 Antlouie: so they just put small pieces in their mouths?

13:14 ShamrockT3: pigeon soup

13:14 eagle526: Annette i live in New Castle Pa and I have a pair of Eagles here in the river valley near my home. I have yet to find their nest after a year of searching..

13:14 carriedonpinions: ty. I have to go. This was awesome!

13:14 topsgtusmc1: ok appreciate u

13:14 BethPa: QUESTION, not sure if this has been asked, but sometimes I see her panting a lot.  Why?

13:14 lovethisnest7: Thanks Kit!  Looking forward to the transcript.  Missed alot.

13:15 jean4929: doves make a sort'a milk in their craw

13:15 annette_2014: they dont regurge to feed young anyway

13:15 ShamrockT3: i thinkthy do expell capsules of bones and undigtable parts

13:15 steelerfan83: QUESTION whats the biggest creature they can bring back to the nest

13:15 ShamrockT3: sort of like a cat with a hair ball

13:15 LambchopPa: This was great...I must go...had a great time...one must get to work!

13:15 kashmere-PA: Buzzards do

13:16 topsgtusmc1: there lifting ability is 4 #

13:16 annette_2014: they can lift 4 lbs

13:16 Shell_88: Bald eagles don't expel pellets

13:16 annette_2014: i have seen rats and snakes in their talons, yummy!

13:17 kashmere-PA: Rabbits too huh?

13:17 lovethisnest7: Saw what looked like a cat on the Davenport nest a few years ago.

13:17 annette_2014: have heard that they will take a small kitten or puppy in a yard so bring them in if you live in hays lol

13:17 topsgtusmc1: mostly they r fishers,but do ea other small prey

13:18 CoCaNana: QUESTION::::why do they sleep with their head between their wings

13:18 annette_2014: fish is the preferred meal but they will eat lots of others things when hungry.

13:18 Shell_88: They'll pant to cool off, like a dog does.

13:18 topsgtusmc1: i read they stay away fro domestic aimals

13:18 annette_2014: for the most part they do

13:19 MaryMar13: QUESTION: about how often do they change places in a day and what is their life span? Thanks!

13:19 eagle526: we had redtail try to get our beagle one year

13:19 LBK530: QUESTION...why does the dad not stick around a lot.

13:20 annette_2014: it would seem that they change 10 times a day. lifespan about 15 -20 years.

13:20 steelerfan83: QUESTION how long will parents still after babies leave and go they stay close

13:20 steelerfan83: do

13:20 KarenVA_WE: please remember, Annette is here to help try and answer questions on the Hays Eagles. All unrelated comments will be removed. Thanks for your help with this

13:20 topsgtusmc1: he is out hunting orguarding te nest

13:20 annette_2014: parents never left the area last year.

13:21 annette_2014: baby hadnt been seen after august 4

13:21 LBK530: ty...does he sit up in a tree branch close?  Like where was he to the rescue when the racoon attacked

13:21 topsgtusmc1: he will be close by

13:21 PhyllisBC: Is that Dad?

13:21 steelerfan83: QUESTION then where do babies go after flying

13:21 topsgtusmc1: mama had it hndled

13:21 annette_2014: he was probably asleep in a roost tree nearby.

13:22 sunshine061956: that is moma

13:22 bakerladys: its the mom on now

13:22 annette_2014: almost always close by during this time.

13:22 annette_2014: mom has a strong protective ability

13:22 kitten2001us: so when does everyone think the first egg is gonna hatch?


13:23 annette_2014: if someone threatened my kids, i would need NO help!

13:23 steelerfan83: sorry about caps

13:23 SweetPandora369: QUESTION: Will the eaglet return to this area once they reach maturity and choose a mate?

13:23 LBK530: I am saying march 28

13:23 annette_2014: march 26

13:23 ShamrockT3: I think they eventally become agressive toward their own offspring and drive them away if they stay in the area after a cetain age

13:23 annette_2014: i hope march 25 cause im off tuesdays

13:23 sunshine061956: LBK, I said 3/28 also

13:23 LBK530: so weird how she layed an egg on feb 22 my husband's bday and is supposed to hatch on march 30 my dtrs bday

13:24 annette_2014: once the eaglet was flying and eating and hunting on her own, they shunned her.

13:24 iguyflyfsh: Question: When will last years juvenile leave this area

13:24 kitten2001us: my little guy is so excited hes afraid hes gonna miss it being in school I said well ask your teacher to check for you they have computers there

13:24 BirdFriend7: QUESTION: How old are they when they lay their first eggs?

13:24 annette_2014: we think juvie has left but dont know for sure. we really dont even know if she survived.

13:25 LBK530: Kitten..tell him the camera will have it saved..he can watch it over and over

13:25 topsgtusmc1: it helps them stay warm

13:25 annette_2014: sexual maturity at age 4-5

13:26 Karen-inVA: annette is an eagle enthusiast and amatuer photographer and has spent hundreds of hours observing the eagles in Hays.

13:26 annette_2014: i think it would be great for teachers to fire up the laptop and let them learn.

13:26 LBK530: QUESTION...why wouldn't the birds be able to somewhat enclose the nest for protection from weather and predators

13:26 kitten2001us: yes it would

13:26 Antlouie: how long does female retain eggs after fertilization and before laying them?

13:26 tnml0513: QUESTION: Can you hear them calling each other from the trail or does the sound from the trains, taffic and scrap yard muffle them?

13:27 annette_2014: its nature. they endure the rain and cold and the predators.

13:27 jean4929: karen- is it possible for panning to have a schedual so we can watch for it?

13:27 LBK530: but the eggs make her more vulnerable

13:27 annette_2014: 5-10 days to lay egg

13:27 LBK530: Wow...that's a long labor and delivery..

13:28 sunshine061956: Question:  is this a normal time of year to lay eggs??

13:28 annette_2014: you can hear if there is no train or no traffic or no work at scrapyard. so usually no you dont hear much. early mornings are good and quiet.

13:28 Antlouie: do they continue producing eggs lik chickens or do theyonly create them at certain times

13:29 annette_2014: shes a little earlier than last year.

13:29 annette_2014: just yearly

13:29 LBK530: QUESTION...are they that loud to hear them so high up in that tree

13:29 tnml0513: ty annette :-)

13:29 annette_2014: as i said, if its quiet yes .

13:30 topsgtusmc1: egg laying varies for different parts of the country

13:30 annette_2014: baby squawks like crazy when she sees mams flying in with food!

13:30 kydd4kids-1: A lot of good questions today. I'm learning so much. TY

13:31 LBK530: QUESTION....how do they keep that nest clean of excrement?  It looks clean

13:31 annette_2014: then she does something called mantling. wraps her wings around the fish and make a lot of noise. Letting everyone know that its her fish and back off!

13:31 KarenVA_WE: If your question was missed from a few minutes back or so, please do ask again.

13:31 annette_2014: they poop over the edge. watch out hikers!

13:32 annette_2014: i hope i havent missed any questions.

13:32 iguyflyfsh: question: I've seen the juvenile several times and is he allowed to stay in the area

13:32 topsgtusmc1: they keep adding grass tohelp keep it fresh

13:32 LBK530: They have another baby who hangs around?

13:32 EagkeEyeTomR: QUESTION: Are there other eagle webcams in Pgh?

13:32 topsgtusmc1: last yeas

13:32 kydd4kids-1: What juvenile?

13:32 steelerfan83: QUESTION  if all three make it will they stay together

13:32 ANIMALLOVER720: QUESTION:  Is the excrement more like a bird or like Canada Geese?

13:32 LBK530: Wonder why she is squawking

13:32 topsgtusmc1: years

13:32 kashmere-PA: Saw her poop over edge once right towards the camera  lol

13:33 annette_2014: you've seen A juvie, Not necessarily hays juve, Could be a migrant.

13:33 rustynail33: besides fish, what else does their diet consist of?

13:33 walmart15: making noise now  lots of noise going on

13:33 topsgtusmc1: proably wantsrelief

13:34 annette_2014: eat ducks gulls carrion snakes etc

13:34 iguyflyfsh: yes two or three times on opposite side of bridge last week

13:34 LBK530: QUESTION...will both parents stay in the nest  a lot of the time after they hatch or is the mom gonna have to do it herself?

13:34 annette_2014: i have seen her too but she may not be hays juvie.

13:34 annette_2014: i want to think its her but......

13:34 iguyflyfsh: ok

13:35 annette_2014: both will stay as they are now.

13:35 LBK530: So back and forth?  Does the mother do all the feeding or will he do i too

13:36 rck1600: How long will the baby eagles stay in the nest?

13:36 annette_2014: she will do most but he helps. its neat they rip meat off fish and feed to her, fabulous.

13:36 topsgtusmc1: about 7 weeks

13:36 rustynail33: do they also hunt at night?

13:36 annette_2014: 11 -12 weeks till baby flies.

13:36 annette_2014: they dont see well at night. hence the raccoon.

13:37 kashmere-PA: QUESTION  Do they eat everyday and do they always bring the food back to nest to eat or can they eat elsewhere?

13:37 Eagle_Spy_2012: That raccoon was on them eggs thought for sure something would of happen to them

13:38 annette_2014: they eat about half a lb to a pound and a half a day.

13:38 kydd4kids-1: But they don't HAVE to eat everyday

13:38 annette_2014: of course not. neither do we.

13:39 LBK530: but we like to

13:39 annette_2014: sometimes they eat on a favorite branch.

13:39 annette_2014: im hungry now!

13:39 kydd4kids-1: They cann go like 3 days without eating, I think

13:39 kashmere-PA: QUESTION   Does he only come to the nest when she calls or does he ever just stop by

13:39 annette_2014: he stops by

13:40 kashmere-PA: Me too   we can go without days eating but we won't and don't

13:40 kydd4kids-1: are doing a wonderful job. TY so much

13:40 jean4929: expression eats like a bird is wrong

13:40 LBK530: QUESTION do mom and dad ever fight?

13:40 annette_2014: trying, ty

13:40 annette_2014: they poke each other over food.

13:40 jean4929: doesn't mean eating very little, for sure

13:41 kashmere-PA: When she calls and he doesn't come in a timely fashion it is funny to watch her be mad at him   Then when she comes back and pokes him in the back like saying  "Ok you can go now"  lol

13:41 annette_2014: she looks at him like i look at my husband...where you been???

13:41 steelerfan83: QUESTION  sorry i keep asking but if all three make it do they stay together

13:42 kashmere-PA: Exactly,  I have been calling you for an hour  it is cute

13:42 annette_2014: i believe no.....anyone else know this?

13:42 kydd4kids-1: Not me

13:43 Hays_Eagles_Fan: did anyone see the other day dad brought back lunch for her and she just sat there looking at it, then neither would eat it.  so dad went back out. LOL it was funny

13:43 kydd4kids-1: I doubt that all three would stick togather

13:43 jean4929: so new in the area we have no experiance to draw on

13:43 jean4929: eagle pop i ean by new

13:43 pagram84-1: stelerfan no answer to tha unless they were banded or had tranmitter to track

13:43 kashmere-PA: He had to go get her fish  It was Friday and is Lent

13:44 lovethisnest7: The eaglets from the American Eagle Foundation banded them last year.  The eaglets were tracked all the way up to Michigan I believe.  They did not stay together.

13:44 jean4929: i mean

13:44 crystal115: SHe was happy today when he brought her a fish

13:44 curiousgirl74: When he brought her that squirrel or whatever it was....we were saying it was because it was Friday and no meat ;)

13:44 annette_2014: thats it! it was a friday!

13:44 Hays_Eagles_Fan: u saw it kash...we joked about going to holy angels for fish fry

13:44 steelerfan83: oks tks all just wondering

13:45 kashmere-PA: That was so funny

13:45 kydd4kids-1: That was a good question, steeler

13:45 annette_2014: i ate a fish sandwich on the trail! glad they dont like it breaded and frie.!

13:45 lovethisnest7: That's cute annette.

13:46 lovethisnest7: Watch your dining on the trail lol.

13:46 vern234: Quesion do we know were this pr was born?

13:46 Hays_Eagles_Fan: KDKA is having a contest to guess the hatch date, but u have to Like them on fb to enter

13:46 BirdFriend7: Question: When one of the pair dies, Does the other try to protect it's mate or try to hide it etc?

13:46 annette_2014: thanks for all your wonderful questions, I hope i helped. and thanks for your patience. i am not an expert. Just an enthusiast and photog who knows stuff!

13:46 kashmere-PA: She was so mad  you are lucky she did make a quick trip to take it from you

13:47 lovethisnest7: You were wonderful Annette!!!

13:47 annette_2014: they move on pretty quick if a mate dies,

13:47 KarenVA_WE: hi birdsong, welcome. We are winding down on a scheduled Question and Answer session with Annette, do you have a question about Hays eagles you would like to ask?

13:47 Bunola_PA: I enjoyed this Annette

13:47 steelerfan83: no hayes i did it without fb but it took my awhile

13:47 Hays_Eagles_Fan: QUESTION, Annette, what power is the lens u use when u take photos from the bike trail?

13:47 annette_2014: 1200mm

13:47 pagram84-1: thank you annette for your time here and helping all o us to learn

13:47 Hays_Eagles_Fan: cool, ty :)

13:47 birdsong51: Ty

13:48 Bunola_PA: Question: Annette do you post your pictures anywhere that we may be able to enjoy them

13:48 kydd4kids-1: Great job Annette. Again ty

13:48 annette_2014: happy to be here, thanks for welcoming me.

13:48 jean4929: come back soon n often

13:48 annette_2014: i will let you know when i hit the trail on weekends.

13:48 annette_2014: thank you thank you.

13:48 sunshine061956: Thanks for your time Annette.  I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we have learned a lot about our eagles from  you!!

13:48 kashmere-PA: The link for contest is on pixcontroller facebook page

13:49 annette_2014: photos at Bald eagles of W Pa. not just mine. lots of amazing shots.

13:49 steelerfan83: we really apprecite all karen kit and annette  do

13:49 annette_2014: it the Face book page.

13:49 kashmere-PA: Annette this has been wonderful and thank you for answering some questions for us

13:49 walmart15: dont forget to watch kdka tonite they took pics yesterday

13:50 annette_2014: Long may they fly here!

13:50 pagram84-1: great o have a ground reporter annette...will be looking forward to updates

13:50 lovethisnest7: Amen Annette

13:50 annette_2014: I had fun. I hope I didnt leave anyone out!

13:50 kashmere-PA: People will be vacationing here to see the city dwelling eagles

13:50 Bunola_PA: sunshine I like how you worded your comment "our eagles" I think we all feel that way

13:50 steelerfan83: you did fine

13:50 annette_2014: They are " our eagles:

13:50 Bunola_PA: Bunola is appaulding!

13:51 annette_2014: yeah

13:51 BirdFriend7: Which Facebook page for her Hays pictures ?

13:51 annette_2014: Bald eagles of W Pa facebook page

13:51 KarenVA_WE: Bald Eagles in Western Pennsylvania - Audubon Society of Western PA - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bald-Eagles-in-Western-Pennsylvania-Audubon-Society-of-Western-PA/128337160680295

13:51 curiousgirl74: Thank you TONS Annette!!!  This was great today!!!  :)  I didn't get any work done but well worth it ;)

13:51 annette_2014: thanks karen

13:51 kashmere-PA: Yes they belong to all of us and thankful that those chose this state and city to live in and share their lives and family

13:51 KarenVA_WE: images also shared on WildEarth.tv facebook - http://www.facebook.com/WildEarth.TV

13:51 KarenVA_WE: and on Pixcontroller - http://www.facebook.com/PixController

13:51 BirdFriend7: Thank you so much

13:52 Hays_Eagles_Fan: TY <3

13:52 annette_2014: work will always be there, this is a phenomenon.

13:52 kashmere-PA: Haven't done any housework in days

13:52 curiousgirl74: Amen - just hope my boss feels the same way :)

13:52 annette_2014: me either, my house is a wreck!

13:52 jean4929: fridge n pantery empty

13:52 sunshine061956: Looking forward to this summer, laying out at Sandcastle, and seeing them fly over like I did last summer!!

13:54 MarciaWood: Who is on nest now?

13:54 KarenVA_WE: we will end the q & a session in 5 minutes, any one not have a question answered yet?

         13:55 sunshine061956: Mom is on the nest now

13:56 kashmere-PA: She has the most intense eyes

13:56 annette_2014: they are yellow eyes. threatening looking.

13:56 rustynail33: how often does the male show up

13:56 annette_2014: on and off all day he shows up.

13:56 macksan1: Is this Mom or Dad?

13:56 kashmere-PA: Mom

13:57 kashmere-PA: That is mom right?

13:57 walmart15: when you watch long enough to see them together you will see the differnerence

13:58 annette_2014: mom has kind of an 80's look to her hair.

13:58 KarenVA_WE: We will share transcript in here as well as on Pixcontroller and WildEarth facebook pages

13:58 walmart15: trueshe is really doing some house cleaning today  

13:58 jean4929: she usualy sits on nest more relaxed

13:58 annette_2014: The eagles may have returned here because of clean rivers, but God brought me to them. I love this!

13:59 jean4929: his wing are tighter to body

13:59 kimged: Question Is the nest large enough for them to both sleep there?

13:59 kashmere-PA: Ha  That's funny Annette   She has black dots on her back too

13:59 annette_2014: when they are too warm they pull the wings away from the body to cool off.

13:59 jean4929: she kinda lets her wings droop

13:59 KarenVA_WE: Annette, on behalf of WildEarth, Pixcontroller, the chatters and myself, your dedication and time and info you have shared today is greatly appreciated

14:00 annette_2014: You are very welcome. I will do it again!

14:00 kashmere-PA: Clapping loudly   Thank you so much

14:00 KarenVA_WE: and we look forward to it!

14:00 annette_2014: elvis has left the building.

14:00 curiousgirl74: Thank you again!!!  Has been great

14:00 jean4929: ditto

14:01 kashmere-PA: Thanks  See you again

14:01 annette_2014: has been fun, yes.

14:01 annette_2014: i need  lunch!

14:01 KarenVA_WE: thank you everyone, we hope you enjoyed the first of many hopeful Question and Answer sessions

14:01 BirdFriend7: Thanks,  I love your pictures.

14:02 ixip: Thank you all.

14:03 annette_2014: bye now

14:03 KarenVA_WE: many thanks to those of you helping to save the chat transcript as well, it takes a TEAM to make it all happen