Disease Information Organizer B                                         Name: __________________________     Disease: ____________________


  • Origination, timeline, regions affected
  • Impacts on society over time
  • Major organizations involved

 Diagnosis/Symptoms/Contagion Abilities

  • Contraction, ways of transmission, symptoms
  • Contagious aspects, mortality rate, diagnosis

 Treatment of Disease

  • Steps in treatments, drugs/vaccines – cure?
  • Precautions & preventative measures, difficulties
  • What action steps have been taken towards eradication?

 Impacts on Society:  Social/Political/Economic

  • Societal fears, behavioral impacts
  • Impacts on business/trade/industry – local and other

 Controversial Issues Associated with Disease

  • Treatment controversies – WHAT and WHY
  • Public reaction – USA and other

 Statements of Impact – Direct Opions/Quotes

  • Compelling statements – (include any of yours)
  • Refer to major concept words in personal opinions

  5 pictures

Map of origin of the disease where the disease spread.