Digital Graphics/Webmastering/Principles of A/V Tech

Computer Maintenance/Principles of IT

Mr. White



I. Communication: Please refer to the above website and email address early and often throughout the course of the year. If you don’t find what you need on the website than please email me concerning your student. Please put your student’s name in the subject line so I can respond quickly and appropriately. This will help keep expectations and reality very closely aligned so we can have a great year.

II. Behavior: Any conduct that interferes with your learning or the learning of others will be dealt with swiftly according to school handbook policies. You will be treated with respect and expected to return it in kind        

School Rules:

        1. Instant obedience

        2. Respect for others

        3. Respect for property

        4. Diligence to duty

        5. LLP

III. Course Materials: Students are to purchase for class:

        1. 1 Box of Tissues

        2. 2 Black Sharpie Markers

IV. Teacher Philosophy on Education: Creating lifelong learners is a goal for all teachers and should be a goal for all people in their lives. It is my philosophy that the teacher is present in the room as a guide. The learning takes place when students collaborate, decide and choose a direction which to take their initiative. It is with this understanding that Mr. White will be coming alongside the students in their learning this year instead of leading from the front of the classroom. Students will have a rough idea of where they are going but where they end up is totally up to them. Students should be free to make decisions on what they should learn and how they are going to learn it. I am going to give them every opportunity to do this during the course of the school year.

V. Goals: The goals of CTE classes are to introduce and lay the foundation of lifelong learning in the field of computer science, A/V Production, digital graphics and computer maintenance. Students will be expected to apply basic skills with the understanding that these skills will lead to more advanced abilities and opportunities beyond Life School.


VI. Class Procedures: Students will report to class every day with an attitude of growth. Each day will be a new one where we can expand our horizons and stretch ourselves.  

1. Students will respect each other

2. Students will be expected to arrive ON TIME and prepared every day.

3. Students will bring only required materials to class each day

4. Students will log in at the teachers instructions

        5. Students will power down monitors and push in chairs before departing

VII. Homework: There will be little or no homework due to the nature of the class and the software being used. Failure to use class time wisely will result in reduced grades. In accordance with our handbook the Waxahachie campus will follow the guidelines as addressed on page #26. “Homework will be accepted without a penalty if it is turned in at any time during class period 24 priors to which it was assigned. Homework will be accepted the day after it is due, but a grade penalty of ten percent will be assigned. Homework submitted later than the first day after the due date will not be accepted.”We believe that it is the student's responsibility to complete ALL assignments within the time frame given unless otherwise determined by a committee. Please refer to the class calendar or student planner for assignments and due dates. Students are expected to do their own work.  As stated in the Life School Student handbook, cheating will not be tolerated, and a referral will be issued.

VIII. Attendance: All of the work in this class will have to be done in the lab due to the lack of software access elsewhere. Missing days will severely hamper your ability to complete your tasks.  So be in School.

* Please note that in order for a student to receive credit for the course he/she must be in attendance 90% of the instruction time. Therefore, only 9 absences are allowable per semester. Attendance met at less than the 90% state rule will result in required Attendance Recovery which will include fees and a time outside of the regular school day.

IX. Grade Percentages:

  1. Tests: 50% -   All project based
  2. Other: 50%

A. Grading Scale

 A 100-90

         B. 89-80

         C. 79-70

         F. 69-0

        *Note: 89.5 rounds up to an A

                  89.4 is a B

Every point matters. This is a non-negotiable policy

  X. Attitude:  “Bad attitudes are understandable, but not acceptable” @alanstein

XI. Addendum:  All rules/guidelines not covered above that are in the student handbook are in effect. You need to read it, know it, and abide by it. Mr. White reserves the right to amend this document at his leisure.

Student/Parent Information Sheet

Technology Use

Students will at all times abide by the Life School Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy and all other policies, as denoted in the Student Handbook, specifically on page 48.  Failure to comply with these policies and provisions will result in immediate account termination.  Final determination of inappropriate use will be decided by Authorized District personnel, through which future computer access can be denied and other disciplinary action taken.  Inappropriate computer and/or internet use could result in failure of this class.

The use of the computers and Internet at Life School is designed for educational purposes.  Use of computers and the Internet connection at Life School requires that the user take full responsibility for his or her own actions.  Life School and its faculty and staff, along with organizations sponsoring the Internet connection, will NOT be held liable for the actions of anyone connecting to the Internet through this connection.  All users shall assume full liability, including legal, financial, or otherwise, for their actions.  

By filling out the survey attached to this link: you acknowledge that you have read and received this syllabus and are responsible for adherence to the information contained within. (case sensitive)


“There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success.”

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