Possession Reimbursement Policy


Items will only be reimbursed to a player if the item is lost due to a Game malfunction or a verified bug. If an item is lost under these circumstances, a report should be filed with Customer Service. Items on an NPC attached to a structure, or in a structure, will be lost if the structure is destroyed, either through active deconstruction, sale to a community, or plot reclamation. All these cases are not considered a "game malfunction". Please check before destroying structures.

Reporting A Lost Possession

To report a lost possession, create a case on the Customer Service Support site at https://support.istaria.com/. Any transaction performed by a character is logged on both the client and server. This information then will be gathered by the Customer Service team and used to investigate your case. After investigation of the situation and circumstances surrounding the loss of the item, a World Master and/or World Administrator will determine if the item should be reimbursed.

Disputing A Lost Possession Decision

If a player reports a lost item to a Customer Service staff member and that representative decides that the player will not be reimbursed for that item, a player can appeal the decision. To appeal the decision made on a lost item, please report the incident again to Customer Service by reopening the issue at https://support.istaria.com/. A player is allowed to appeal the lost possession decision one time per incident.