Sidney Sussex June Event needs dedicated workers to help make the night a success. We’re looking for determined, enthusiastic and capable people to fill the roles below.

We believe hard work deserves to be rewarded and so are committed to paying our workers the Real Living Wage (£9/hour) as a minimum. You will be working the whole night (no half on/half off system).

Please take a look at the job descriptions before applying:


Area Supervisor

As a supervisor, you will be in charge of an entire area of the June Event during the night. This means you will be responsible for the workers in that area and will be in direct contact with the committee throughout the night. This role requires leadership, management skills and intuition. Previous May Ball/June Event experience highly desirable.


Stage Manager

As stage manager, your main role will to be to ensure the acts and performers are where they should be at the right time and all the equipment is working. It is your responsibility, with the help of ents runners, to enable smooth transitions and continuous entertainment on your stage. Technical experience is not required, but would be helpful.


Ents Runner

You will be working closely with your stage manager. Your main job will be to escort acts and performers to the stage and back. We are looking for responsible and calm characters that will be able to deal professionally with performers.


Bar Manager

Bar managers are needed to ensure the bars are operating smoothly. You will be in charge of monitoring the stocks and supervising the other bar workers. Bar experience would strengthen your application.


Bar Worker

You will be working closely with the bar manager to help the bar run smoothly. Part of your job will be to serve drinks to the guests, so we are looking for friendly and approachable people. Bar experience would be helpful but is not required.


Security and Logistics Assistant

Along with area supervisors, you will be working with our professional security team to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests. It will also be your job to maintain the flow of guests around the event.


General Worker

As a general worker, you may take on a variety of roles. Your job will be to work with area supervisors to ensure the area is clean and the event is running smoothly. However, throughout the night you may be reassigned to any stage, bar or area when needed. We are looking for adaptable and dedicated people to fill this role.