The Size charts for Charcoal Pants and Shorts are different from the charts for the Navy Pants

        Please use the Preschool size charts for deciding what size to buy in the Charcoal items.

The Size charts for the Preschool Skirts are different from the charts for the Jumpers & Big Skirts

        Please use the Preschool size charts for deciding what size to buy in the Preschool skirts.

My child is not easy to fit.  Will I be able to find uniform items that fit him or her?

We carry an extensive line of sizes for grades K-8.  While some providers will carry standard even sizes (4, 6, 8, 10...), we also carry many odd sizes and slim, half and husky sizes to ensure the best possible fit. A common area of confusion is in the half sizing of the girls clothing. A half size is not a size in between two sizes but actually is more of a husky size.  For example, if a child need a waist size of a size 8 jumper but a size 6 fits her length, we find a better fit with the 6.5 jumper.

The same is true for the husky pants sizes. For example, the size 6 pants have an inseam of 20" and a waist of 22" and if you have a child who is the height of a size six but needs a 24 or 25” waist we would recommend the size 25" waist husky pants which have a 20" inseam. The pants and shorts also have elastic at the waist which helps with the fit.

Our jumpers have been made with an extra 3 inches in length and large hems to meet the mid-knee or longer dress code for girls and to extend the number of years the a jumper can be worn.  Girls from Kindergarten to 4th grade present a broad range of sizes. There are some who fit our size 3 jumpers and others who fit our size 18 1/2 jumpers.  We try to fit the waist first and then adjust the length at either the waist or the hem.  There is an easy adjustment feature on the jumpers on both the front and the back of the jumper.  The manufacturer makes the seam, where the bib of the jumper meets the skirt, so that it can be easily detached and re-sewn to make the adjustments needed for the length of your child's torso. I have lowered the waist seams and hems on the jumpers for my girls and was able to use the same jumpers for 2 years. They were still in great shape so I was able to pass the older girl's jumpers to my younger daughter.  Pressing the jumpers two or three times a year is needed if you dry your jumpers in the dryer.

Do you have sizes available for my extra tall student?

Yes. Our unfinished hem boys pant is 37" in total length which allows for an inseam of 36". Most students find the 30" or 32" inseam the best for them. Only those who are over 6'2" tend to need the unfinished 37" hem.  For the 5th-8th grade skirts, some girls under 5'2" tall may be able to wear the Girl's sizes, but most between 5' 3" and 5' 8" should go to the Teen Sizes for extra length. The Challenger Uniform Code specifies the mid knee cap for length. For those girls 5'9" and above we have some Teen Extra-Long Skirts in limited quantities at higher prices.

If my child is growing quickly, what size should I order?

Measure!  Don't guess!  First, measure your child's waist.  Measure her hips too, if she’s a girl. Look at the sizing charts, choose the size which is at least 1" larger than your actual measurement. Don't forget your child will have to tuck in a shirt or blouse, and may be wearing a T-shirt or camisole under their knits, sailors or oxfords. Allow for clothing to shrink normally based on the fabric content and to be a slightly loose or oversized in the fall, as they will most likely grow as the year goes on. And please keep in mind that children's abdominal measurements can vary significantly depending upon whether or not they have eaten recently.

Will I run into problems if attempting to hem my child's pants 4 or 5 inches

Our pants are designed to allow them to be hemmed up to 5 inches before needing to taper the leg. This assists in fitting a child who is larger in the middle, but has yet to get his or her height. Your best choice if you need a much larger waist, for sizes 6 and above, will be a husky size.  For example, The boys size 6 pants have an inseam of 20.5" and a waist of 22.5" and if you have a child who is the height of a size six but needs a husky waist we would recommend trying the size 25" waist husky boys pants which have a 20" inseam. The husky pants also have elastic at the waist which helps with the fit.  We stock iron on tape for hemming.  

How do I know which neck tie to buy for my student?

Young boys and girls wearing pants and jumpers sizes 3, 4, or 5 may wear the 12" tie. Those wearing sizes 6 or 7 usually fit the size 13" tie. Boys wearing  10 & 12  pants can usually wear the 15" tie. Tall young men or girls in sizes  14 or 16 and up, normally need the self-tied tie in 54-56" or the 17” tie.  All men's sizes need the 54-56" self-tied tie.

For the girls please keep in mind that the boy's torso is usually longer than a girls of the same size so choose sizes for torso length.  

The Sailor cross-over tie is still the appropriate tie to wear with the Middy/Sailor shirt worn with the jumpers. We have limited quantities of the  Self Tie Sailor tie that can be tied in a square knot. These are best suited for older girls wearing the large and XL sailor shirts. The pre-tied oxford ties are the best ties to be worn with the oxford shirts when worn with the jumpers and skirts.

How do I know what size belt to buy?

Usually, a belt should be two inches larger than the waist of the pants or shorts.  For example, if a child wears a size 8 regular which is a 24" waist, we suggest a 26" belt.