What is eLearning?

The Noblesville Schools eLearning days would offer full access to online instruction provided by each students’ individual teachers. Teachers would create lessons in Canvas, the school’s learning management system. These lessons would be interactive and relate to the curriculum for the specific class. Because we are on a block schedule and only one day of classes would be online, the teachers will ensure that the lesson is aligned with the curriculum. Seven eLearning days would occur throughout the school year. These days would be within the 180 day school year. Students will have access to teachers via the Internet. If students do not have Internet at home, they may attend either a study hall hosted by the high school where wifi is accessible, go to a friends home, the public library, or one of the numerous local businesses offering free wi-fi. Instructional Assistants will monitor the study hall.

What will it look like for students?

Noblesville High School teachers use Canvas to regularly post assignments and lessons. Students access Canvas on their school issued iPad or through a computer. The learning management system is completely web-based. On eLearning days, students will complete lessons/assignments created by their teachers in Canvas.  These lessons/assignments will be a continuation of the previous day’s instruction.  There will not be a rigid schedule for students to follow but they will be expected to complete all lessons by the next school day. Teachers will be available online for questions or concerns at a specific time during the day. This schedule will be available to parents and students prior to the eLearning day.

What will these days look like for teachers?

The focus of these days will be PLC (Professional Learning Community) driven for teachers. They will continue to refine their Canvas courses while continuing the process of curriculum mapping with an emphasis on digital curriculum. Canvas is the learning management system for Noblesville Schools implemented in January of 2013. They will also be provided professional development for using technology in the classroom. The PLCs will also analyze assessment data and be available for students’ questions.

Why have eLearning days?

How will attendance be taken?

What if the students iPad is not working?

What if a student wants to eat breakfast/ lunch at school?

What will my student’s day look like if they attend school?

Can a student work, go on a college visit, or shadow an employer during this day?

How long will each student be required to work on the computer and what will they be doing?

What about students who attend JEL or have an internship?

Will students in the life skills or FIATS program attend school?