Special Appetizer – Arepa con queso, chorizo, chicharron, empanada......7.95

Arepa con Queso – Corn patty with cheese…….3.50

Tostones con Queso- Flattened green plantains with cheese……Med. 2.00......3.95

Arepa con Queso y Carne – Corn patty with cheese and beef.........4.95

Tostones con Queso y Carne- Flattened green plantains with cheese and beef… Med.2.95.…4.94

Arepa Ogado y Carne – Corn patty with tomato onion sauce and beef ….4.95

Tostones con Ogado y Carne- Flattened green plantains with tomato, onions and cheese….4.95

Maduros con Queso – Sweet plantains with cheese....3.50

Chef Salad- Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and mixed peppers

Yuca con Chicharron – Fried yucca with fried pork belly…Med.2.95….4.95

Empanada – Our famous fried meat pie….1.25

Picada- Combination of meats, yuca, corn patty, tostones, and empanada.…Med,6,95....12.95

Ceviches                                                 Salads – Ensaladas 6.95 

Small 5.95 Large 9.95                                         Chicken 8.95     Shrimp 10.95

Ceviche de Pescado – Fish filet in lemon juice                 Caesar Salad-Romaine hearts, croutons and Caesar

Ceviche de Camaron- Shrimp in lemon juice                                         dressing.

Ceviche Mixto- Fish and shrimp in lemon juice                 Chef Salad-Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and mixed  

Coctel de Camarones – Shrimp cocktail mixed                                 peppers.

with our famous sauce

Coctel de Camarones – Shrimp cocktail Mexican

style mixed with pico de gallo

Chicharron de Pescado- Breaded fish pieces in

lemon juice and pico de gallo

Sancochos – Soups 8.95

(Servidas con arroz, ensalada, maduros y arepa)

(Served with rice, salad, sweet plantains, and corn patty)

Sopa de Pescado – Fish soup with our famous Caribbean coconut.

Sopa Pescado y camaron –Latin seafood soup with our famous Caribbean Coconut.

Sancocho de Cola – Exquisite Colombian style ox tail soup.

Mondongo – Honey comb beef with yuca root and potato.

Sancocho de Pollo– Delicious Latin chicken soup.

Ajiaco – Our most famous creamy chicken soup.

Cazuela de Pescado y Camaron- Fish and shrimp in garlic butter w/a creamy saffron…13.95

Latin-American Dishes

Bandeja Paisa – Colombian style dish with grilled steak, sausage, fried pork belly, egg, sweet plantains, rice, beans, corn patty, and avocado…....Small..9.95……Large..11.95

(Servidos con arroz, ensalada o lentejas y maduros)

( Served with rice, salad or lentils, and sweet plantains)

Lengua en salsa Criolla –Cut of beef tongue,served with Colombian creole sauce….9.95

Carne Asada – Grilled steak with French fries.......9.95

Bistec Encebollado- Skirt steak served with sautéed onions…...9.95

Bistec a Caballo – Skirt steak with Colombian Creole sauce and one egg…9.95

Sobrebarriga a la Plancha – Rose meat steak with fried potato and yucca....9.95

Sobrebarriga Criolla – Rose meat steak in Colombian creole sauce....9.95

Pechuga a Caballo – Grilled chicken with Colombian Creole sauce and one egg....8.95

Higado Encebollado – Savory beef liver served with sautéed onions…...8.95

Arroz con Pollo – Yellow rice mixed with grilled chicken Colombian style..…8.95

Arroz con Camarones - Sautéed shrimp with rice in saffron Latin style…...9.95

Arroz a la Valenciana–Shrimp,fish,sausage,and chicken breast in yellow saffron rice..9.95

Bistec Apanado– Breaded skirt steak with French fries…..9.95

Bistec Chimichurri-Skirt steak with mushrooms and our special herbs and garlic butter…9.95

Ropa Vieja- Shredded beef in tomato based Cuban style with black bean….9.95

Vegetarian Dishes 8.95

Vegetable Soup - Served with salad, rice, sweet plantains, and mix vegetables.

Quesadilla- Sautéed mix peppers, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella cheese with fries and salad.

Rice with Vegetables –Sautéed vegetables, saffron rice served with fries and sweet plantains.

Fettuccini Alfredo- Sautéed vegetables in garlic butter served with garlic bread and sweet plantains.

Side Orders

-Arepa sola – Pan con ajo - Huevo frito- Tortillas…….1.00

-Yuca frita - Papas fritas – Platanos maduros –Tostones – Aguacate – Pure de papa….2.50

-Arroz blanco-Arroz amarillo-Arroz frito- Frijoles rojos o negros-Lentejas-Vegetales.2.00

-Corn patty-Garlic bread –Fried egg- Tortillas....1.00

-Fried yucca - French fries - Sweet plantains -Green plantains -Avocado- Mashed potato....2.50

-White rice- Yellow rice- Fried rice- Red or Black beans- Lentil soup- Vegetables....2.00

Whole Fish - Pescado Entero

(Served with Salad white rice and flattened green plantains)

(Servido con ensalada, arroz blanco, y tostones)

Viudo de Pargo Rojo –Whole red snapper with creole sauce and coconut.,…17.95

Pargo Rojo Pacifico- Red snapper w/sauteed shrimp onions tomato in creamy saffron.…19.95

Pargo Rojo al Mojo de Ajo- Red snapper in garlic butter sauce......17.95

Mojarra Frita- Deep pan fried tilapia cooked to perfection…..14.95

Mojarra de la Casa- Whole tilapia w/shrimp mix peppers white wine in creamy lemon..16.95

Shrimp – Camarones 9.95

Camarones de la Casa – Sautéed shrimp mix peppers white wine creamy lemon.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo – Sautéed shrimp white wine lemon in garlic butter.

Camarones Criolla – Colombian style shrimp in creole sauce.

Camarones a la Diabla – Shrimp with onions, jalapeno peppers in tomato sauce.

Camarones Apanados - Breaded shrimp with French fries.

Camarones Pacifico – Sautéed shrimp with onions tomato in creamy safron sauce.

Fish Filet - Filete de Pescado 9.95

With Shrimp 12.95

(Served with salad, rice, and sweet plantains-Acompanados de arroz, ensalada,y platanos maduros)

Filete a la Plancha – Grilled fish filet with French fries.

Filete Chimichurri – Grilled fish filet with mushrooms special herbs in garlic butter.

Filete Caribe – Juicy fish filet in Caribbean creamy coconut sauce.

Filete Apanado – Breaded fish filet with French fries.

Filete Mediteraneo – Sautéed olives capers mix peppers white wine and tomato sauce.

Filete Chipotle- Delicious sauce with mushrooms in creamy chipotle.

Salmon Chipotle - Grilled salmon filet w/ mushrooms in creamy chipotle sauce.…12.95


(Served w/ salad sweet plantais and fries-Servido con ensalada Maduros y papas fritas)

Quesadilla de Carne Asada–Grilled skirt steak Quesadilla w/ mozzarella cheese…..8.95

Quesadilla de Pechuga Asada – Grilled chicken breast Quesadilla…...7.95

Quesadilla de Camarones – Grilled shrimp Quesadilla..….9.95

Steaks – Churrascos 13.95

With Shrimp-16.95

Churrasco al Vino Rojo - Charbroiled steak with sautéed mushrooms in red wine sauce.

Churrasco Chimichurri-Charbroiled steak w/mushrooms special herbs and garlic butter

Churrasco al Brandy – Sautéed mushrooms green peppercorn in creamy brandy sauce.

Churrasco a la Plancha - Grilled steak – with French fries.

Churrasco 6oz con camarones – Grilled steak 6oz. with shrimp.

Churrasco con papa - Grilled steak with twice potatoes

Chicken Breast - Pechuga de Pollo 8.95

With Shrimp –11.95

Pechuga Pacifico–Grilled chicken breast,sautéed onions and tomatoes in creamy saffron.

Pechuga Hawaiiana–Grilled chicken breast-with ham pineapple and mozzarella cheese,

Pechuga a la Plancha – Grilled chicken breast with French fries.

Pechuga Apanada con Champinones–Breaded chicken breast w/creamy mushrooms

Pechuga Chipotle – Grilled chicken w/sautéed mushroom in creamy chipotle sauce

Pechuga de la casa – Sautéed mix peppers white wine and creamy lemon sauce.

Pechuga Florentine – Spinach onions mushrooms in garlic butter with cheese on top.

Pork Loin - Lomo de Cerdo 8.95

with shrimp 11.95

Lomo Poblano – Grilled pork loin – with sautéed mushrooms creamy poblano pepper.

Lomo Hawaiiano – With grilled ham pineapple and mozzarella cheese.

Lomo Apanado – Breaded pork loin with French fries.

Lomo a la Diabla – Sautéed onions jalapeno peppers with tomato sauce.

Lomo al Vino Rojo –Pork loin with sautéed mushrooms in red wine sauce.

Lomo Chimichurri – Mushrooms special herbs in garlic butter and white wine.


Regular - 7.95- with chiken-8.95 – With shrimp 10.95

(Served with salad and garlic bread-Servido con ensalada y pan de ajo)

Fettuccini Alfredo - Sautéed garlic butter with Alfredo sauce.

Fettuccini Mediteraneo- Sautéed olives capers mix peppers white wine and tomato sauce.

Fettuccini Chimichurri – Mushrooms special herbs in garlic butter.

Chicken parmesan – Breaded chicken breast Italian tomato mozzarella cheese and fettuccini


Natural Juices

                                                      In water 2.75        In milk 3.00

Guanabana - Guayaba - Pina - Fresa - Mora - Papaya - Maracuya - Mango - Lulo -

Limonada… 2.50                 Coco en Leche… 3.00                 Cafeccino… 3.00


Limonade 2.50                 Coconut Milkshake 3.00                 Coffeeccino 3.00

Soft Drinks

Coke         Sprite         Dr. Pepper         Diet Coke         Iced tea         Coffee……. 1.75

Colombiana                 Manzana         Agua Panela ……..2.00


Imported Beer  3.50                Pina Colada.. 4.95         Margarita…. 4.95

                                                                         Regular- Frozen-Mango-Michelada                                                                  Strawberry-Passion Fruit

Domestic Beer  3.00                House Wine  4.95

Desserts 3.95

Prices and Information may change without notice

Prices do not include taxes - Precios no incluyen impuestos

Parties of more than six people will be charge with a 15% gratuity-Grupos de 6 o mas personas sera incluido un 15% como propina / No substitutions-we do not split

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