1.  Go to www.indiapost.gov.in

  1. Go to Postal Life Insurance>Agents

  1. Enter Agent ID, Password and given  captcha (If already user exists, if not create the ID)

  1. You will logged in to Agent ID

  1. Go to Business reports

  1. Enter the year for which commission to be sanctioned and Click “Generate Report”


7.  An excel will be downloaded at the left end bottom as show in screenshot. Open it.

8. A excel will be downloaded with the following information.

9. Remove the columns like premium frequency, Product Name, Payment Method and make the changes which are yellow marked in this screenshot.

10. Login into Mc camish and go to “collection” screen

11. Click “Renewal” and the following screen will be displayed        

12. Go to the Excel sheet downloaded and copy the policy numbers which are procured by the agent

13.  Give the copied policy numbers in the collection

14. With the help of the screenshot above enter the premium paid till in the excel

15. With the help of no. of credits enter the effective business and In-effective business

16. Now, Calculate incentive with the help of effective business given above

17. After approval of calculation, the sanction memo is to be sanctioned in the following format

18. Maintain a sanction register and also a excel sheet for the sanctions generated (in the following format)

Sl. No.

Agent Name

Agent Code


Sum Assured

Date of sanction

Amount Sanctioned

IT deducted

Audit recover

Net amount

Funds Position

Sign of the sanctioning authority