PBG 270
Co-Evolution of Microbiomes and Hosts
Mondays 12:10-1:00 PM

Storer 2342

The communities of microbes that live in and on various multicellular organisms (so called microbiomes) are of growing interest. This PBG270 journal club will focus on papers on the co-evolution of microbiomes and their hosts - over long, medium and short evolutionary time scales.  Possible topics include GWAS and QTL studies of host-microbiome interactions, theoretical modelling of microbiome evolution, convergence of microbiomes between distantly related hosts, and inferring ancestral microbiomes for various phylogenetic groups.

Winter Quarter Schedule in progress






Symbiotic bacteria appear to mediate hyena social odors

Bacterial communities in meerkat anal scent secretions vary with host sex, age, and group membership


Structure, variation, and assembly of the root-associated microbiomes of rice


Diversity and evolution of the primate skin microbiome


Inferring the historical patterns of biological evolution

Carl Boettiger's blog post about this:

Permutation-based cospeciation test 


Convergent Bacterial Microbiotas in the Fungal Agricultural Systems of Insects


A new era in palaeomicrobiology: prospects for ancient dental calculus as a long-term record of the human oral microbiome

Intrinsic challenges in ancient microbiome reconstruction using 16S rRNA gene amplification

Fall Quarter Schedule

9/28: General overview

10/5: Sonia Ghose and Jonathan Eisen

10/12: Jennifer Schmidt and Melissa Kardish

10/19 : Camille Scott and Megan Morris

10/26: Brendan Cornwell and Anna O'Brien

11/2: Nicole Kollars and Victoria Morgan

11/9: Katrina Brock

11/16: Erin Calfee and Amanda Everitt

11/23: Lisa Cohen

11/30: Liz Henry and Betsy Alford


Co-evolution of hosts and microbiomes papers of possible interest

Microbiome QTL and GWAS

Convergence or not of Communities


General theory

Host specialization evolution

Microbiomes as drivers of evolution

Experimental studies of host-microbe interactions / co-evolution