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Jan 13th 2013 Minutes
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Belleville Running Club

Organization Meeting

Monday, Jan 13, 2013, 7:30pm

Nichols Center



Dan Trapp, Toby Trapp, Doug Havlin, Meghan Trapp, Chris Anderson, Cassady Anderson, Melanie Reed, Sarah West

Committee Reports

        Membership (Andria)(Doug) 9 current members and 3 new members for 2014. Applications will be at the banquet. See if we can get an automatic enrollment. Multi Year memberships will be considered. Bring a laptop to take registrations.

Group Run  (Meghan) Go St Louis Training - Still waiting to hear back from Bryan Lyons about the group discount.  He sent me an email last week and said they are still working on it.

PR Committee - Quarterly Newsletter Look into a way to send out the email with attachments.

Old Business

        River to River Relay (2 teams accepted) - Signup in Progress - 10 people signed up. 6 spots left.

New Business

Andria is going to have a crafting session to work on some of the awards. Post party. We need people to bring cakes or desserts. 5pm start time.


Open Discussion