Jacob’s Ladder for Storm Front by Billy Joel (Lyrics Not Included)

D3: Creative Synthesis

What might a music video look like for this song, or how might a picture or ad for this song look?

D2: Summarizing

In four sentences or less, summarize the song.

**Remember: Summaries are brief and tell only the most important parts!


D1: Paraphrasing

Rewrite the following sentence from the lyrics in your own words.

I’m still restless for the open water.

**Think: How can I take what the author said and put it into my own words?

C3: Theme/Concept

What is the larger message, or theme, of this song?

**Think more metaphorically than literally. How can someone who is not a sailor relate to this song?  

C2: Inference

Reference the text to find evidence from the text that supports

each adjective you listed on your bubble map.

**Think: How do you know the sailor is __________________?


C1: Literary Elements


Jacob’s Ladder for Leningrad by Billy Joel

A3-E3 - Emotional Consequences & Implications

The singer alternates from third person to first person throughout the verse and chorus of the song.  How does the point of view change in the final verse?  What does this do for the final emotion of the song?

E2: Expressing Emotion

What actions does the singer describe based on these emotions?


E1: Understanding Emotion

What emotions are present in this song? Give examples of words or phrases used to support your answer.

Jacob’s Ladder for Goodnight, Saigon by Billy Joel

C3: Theme/Concept

And we would all go down together

We said we'd all go down together

Yes we would all go down together.

What is the importance of these lyrics? What message, or meaning, is the singer trying to express?

C2: Inference

We met as soul mates

On Parris Island

We left as inmates

From an asylum

They left their childhood

On every acre

What can you infer about what the soldiers experienced? What might have brought about these changes?

C1: Literary Elements

 And we were sharp

As sharp as knives

We came in spastic

Like tameless horses

And the night

seemed to last as long as six weeks

What literary device does the singer use here? What do these lyrics mean in the context of the song?