Rolling Prairie Acres -2015 CSA Contract – Sigourney

708 Ringgold St. Sigourney, IA 52591 I understand that Rolling Prairie Acres Farm (RPA) will do the best that they can to grow an abundance of produce for 25 weeks in 2015. I realize that their number one job is to raise their four children. Growing my food by sustainable means is very important to the family and I can be assured that only OMRI (Organic) approved products will be used in growing my fruits & veggies. Also, I trust that they are spending plenty of time and love tending my food. I am aware that Rolling Prairie Acres Farm cannot always supply all of my families fresh food needs on every given week and that I may need to purchase food from other sources at times. Also, there may be times when there may be a few “extras” available from RPA.( Berries, Tomatoes, Etc.). These will be offered on a first come, first served basis to all patrons. I understand that this CSA experience is a very simple “no frills” approach to local eating. I understand that I am entitled to a share of items produced. I may not “trade” for items that I would rather have. I will either take it or leave it. This is not an order service. I am happy to help keep this family farming!

I am responsible for bringing back my CLEAN containers and boxes to keep my costs low. If I need to miss a pick up, I will find and train a surrogate or simply forfeit my week. I agree to all of the following and have paid my $25 deposit to hold my/ our share.

Season Run from April 28th - October 8th Entire share fee is due May 21st

Check our web site for more details and information

Half share (1-2 folks) $290.00 Full share (2-4 folks) $450.00

_____________________________Cut and Return ______________________________ Half share (1-2 folks) $290.00 Full share(2-4 folks) $450.00




Email address_________________________________________________________________ I have read and understand all of the above information and am aware of the variety of produce that I anticipate and will be receiving. I understand that there may be unforeseen events ahead that may prevent all crops to be produced in the desired quality and quantity (climactic, natural disaster, human concerns, etc.). I am happy with what I will be receiving knowing that Rolling Prairie Acres will be doing their very best to grow for me. With this all said I sign below:

Enclosed is my $25 to hold my spot. I understand that I may make payments at any time. My balance is due May 27th . Thank you for your support of local, organic produce! Doug & Tanya Webster