An Open Letter to the University of Kent about the Selina Todd English Keynote Lecture

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Signed by:

Dr Eleanor Perry (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Juha Virtanen (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Declan Kavanagh (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Claire Hurley (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Ben Hickman (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Lara Atkin (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dorothy Lehane (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Prof Jennie Batchelor (Professor, University of Kent)

Betsy Porritt (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Katrine Lynn Solvaag (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Rebecca Milton (MA Student, University of Kent)

Dr Carin Tunaker (Post-doc Researcher and co-chair of University of Kent LGBTQ+ Staff


Dr Rasa Mikelyte (Research Associate, Uni of Kent)

Meg Dampier (Administration Assistant, SSPSSR)

Deacon Joy Everingham (Chaplain, University of Kent)

Rosa Lucy Rogers (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Lynne Regan (University of Kent LGBT Staff Network Co-chair and Student Support & Wellbeing Manager, Medway)

Jamie Edwards (Learning Environment Assistant, University of Kent)

Sarah Dening ( Specialist Mentor University of Kent)

Joe Lucas (Learning Environment Supervisor, University of Kent)

Anamika Misra (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Ahmed raza memon (PhD candidate and Assistant lecturer at kent law school)

Gee Imaan Semmalar( PhD candidate, Kent law school. Member of BAME LGBTI decolonizing the curriculum group)

Elsie Cherop Chemelil (LLB Student, Member of the BAME LGBTI Decolonising the curriculum group)

Lauren Drozd (BA Student, University of Kent)

Aarohi Khare (PhD candidate and Associate Lecturer, University of Kent)

Jinhao XIE (PhD candidate, University of Kent)
Arshita Nandan (PhD candidate, University of Kent)

Dr Suhraiya Jivraj, (Reader in Law & Social Justice, Co-Director Centre for Sexuality, Race & Gender Justice)

John P Gilmore (Assistant Professor of Nursing, University College Dublin, Ireland)

Dr. Heejung Chung (Reader in Sociology and Social Policy)

Lara Tessaro (PhD Candidate and GTA, University of Kent)

Elena Caruso, PhD candidate, Kent Law school

Nadia Davies (Learning Environment Assistant, University of Kent)

Lisa Shoko (LLM Student, University of Kent)

Dr Trude Sundberg (SSPSSR, University of Kent)

Ruth Westbury (Partnership Development Officer, University of Kent)

Declan Wiffen (School of English, University of Kent)

Felicity Gallagher (PhD candidate, University of Kent)

Dr Peter Adkins (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Holly May Treadwell (PhD candidate, University of Kent)

Yasmin Ali (SAC/POL Student, University of Kent)

Jack Dice (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Jason Farr (Assistant Professor of English, Marquette University)

Stephen Guy-Bray (Professor, University of British Columbia)

Ryan Brown (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Dr Julie McCandless (Senior Lecturer, Kent Law School)

Alistair Martin.

Dr. Huw Griffiths (Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney)

Kathryn Heffner (PhD researcher, The University of Kent)

Dr Jamie Lawson (Lecturer, University of Bristol)

Dr Eugenia Zuroski (Associate Professor, McMaster University)

Arifa Syed (PhD Researcher, Kent Business School, Member of the BAME LGBTI Decolonising the Curriculum Group)

Grace Lavery (Associate Prof., Dept. of English, affiliated faculty GWS, UC Berkeley)

Dr Lauren Ware (Lecturer in Feminist Philosophy, University of Kent)

Dr Jonathan Greenaway Manchester Metropolitan University

Dustin Friedman (Assistant Professor, Department of Literature, American University)

Kristen Hanley Cardozo (PhD candidate in English Literature, UC Davis)

Sandeep Bakshi (Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Paris, France)

Dr Michael Rowland (School of English, University of Sussex)

Emma Heaney, PhD (Assistant Professor of English, William Paterson University)

Dr Freya Gowrley (Postdoctoral Research Fellow in History, University of Derby)

Adam Ruff (BA Hons., University of Cape Town)

Dr Talitha Kearey (Research Fellow in Classics, St John’s College, University of Cambridge)

Dr Elaine Swan, Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex

Dr Ariane Mildenberg (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Matt Lodder, Senior Lecturer, University of Essex

Dr Hannah Lauren Murray (Lecturer, Department of English, University of Liverpool)

Dr Katharine Peddie (Lecturer, School of English, University of Kent)

Dr Jo Walton (Research Fellow, University of Sussex)

Dr Fran Amery, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath

Dr. Alexandra Marraccini (Research Associate, BfZ project, Warburg Institute, University of London)

Emily West (Assistant Professor of English, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa)

Natalia Cecire (Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex)

Dr Chris Cusack (Lecturer, HAN University of Applied Sciences)

Dr Caroline Gonda (Fellow and Director of Studies in English, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge)

Dr Christopher Lloyd (Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire)

Dr Matt Whittle (Lecturer, University of Kent)

Jan Moriarty (Student Success Project Manager & LGBT+ Staff Network co-chair, University of Kent)

Dr Chloe Wigston Smith (Senior Lecturer, University of York)

Dr Ole Birk Laursen (Research Fellow, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University)

Becky Lamyman (Student EDI Officer, University of Kent)

Dr. Robbie Richardson (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent)

Dr Christin Hoene (Assistant Professor, Maastricht University)

Dr Kirsty Rolfe (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sussex)

Dr Raquel García-Cuevas (Honorary Fellow, University of Kent)

Dr. Anne-Marie Angelo (Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex)

Ellie Armon Azoulay (PhD candidate, University of kent)

Dr Kristin Grogan (Assistant Professor, Rutgers University)

Dr. Martha Schulman (Recent PhD, School of English, University of Kent)

Megan Batterbee (PhD Candidate, School of English, University of Kent)

Anna Hegland (PhD Candidate, School of English, University of Kent)

Dr Karin Evans, Professor, College of DuPage

Dr. Talia Schaffer, Professor, CUNY

Anne-Marie Baker, Athena SWAN Project Manager, University of Kent

Daniel Parker (MA Student, University of Manchester)

Dr Lyndsay Miller, Tutor, University of Glasgow/Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University

Arabella Stanger (Lecturer, University of Sussex)

Dr Jack Orchard (Recent PhD, Swansea University)

Dr. Kendall Gerdes (Asst. Prof of English, Texas Tech University)

Dr. Heather Freeman (Asst. Professor, Florida Polytechnic University)

Dr Phoebe Patey-Ferguson (Associate Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London)

Adil Mian (Undergraduate Student, Queen Mary University)

Fides Dagongdong (Undergraduate Student, Keele University)

Tom George (Journalist & University of Kent School of English Alumni)

Kathryn Laity (Associate Professor of English, College of Saint Rose)

Dr Jana Funke (Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter)

Hella Péter (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Danne Jobin (PhD candidate, University of Kent)

Dr Stan Papoulias (Research Associate, King’s College London - alumnus, University of Kent)

Dr James Kneale (Associate Professor, University College London)

Madi Pollard-Shore (MA Theology Candidate, University of Birmingham and Policy Advisor to University of Exeter LGBTQ+ Staff Network)

Dr Jo Norcup, Associate Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham.

Dr Ina Linge (Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter)

Kazuki Yamada (PhD Candidate, University of Exeter & University of Queensland)

Rebecca Langlands (Professor of Classics, University of Exeter)

Dr. Christopher W. Clark (University of Hertfordshire/University of East Anglia)

Sarah Marie Graye (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Katharina Maria Kalinowski (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Katja May (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Professor David Ayers (School of English, University of Kent)

Veronica Niero (MA Student, School of English, University of Kent)

Terri Hounsom (MA Student, School of English, University of Kent)

Dr Emile Devereaux (Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex)

Sophie Thompson (MA Student, University of Kent)

Dr Charlie Hall (Lecturer, School of History, University of Kent)

Caron Clifford (MA Student, University of Kent)

Calum Collins (PhD candidate, University of Kent.)

Lo Marshall, Research Fellow, UCL

Claire Poskitt (BA graduate/alumni, University of Kent)

Dr Holly Pester (University of Essex)

Lydia Hall (MA ‘Creative Writing’ / alumni, University of Kent)

Oliver Perrott-Webb (Associate Lecturer, University of Kent)

Sam Weselowski (PhD Candidate, University of Warwick)

Dr Jenny Harris (Recent PhD, University of Cambridge)

Sophie Baker (Athena SWAN Adviser, University of Kent)

Dr Oscar Diggs (Professor, University of Kansas)

Matthew Riviere (PhD candidate, Queen Mary University of London)

Jonathan Sellar (University of Glasgow)

Emilia Weber (PhD Candidate, UCL)

Stephen Hockley (MA Student, University of Kent)

Dr. Steve Noyes (PhD, Kent) Writer.

Jane Hartshorn (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Ben Jackson (PhD Candidate, QMUL)

Dr Chris Kempshall (History Dept, University of Kent)

Dr Grace Redhead (PGTA, QMUL/UCL)

Charlotte Vergette (Postgraduate student, University of Kent)

J Petch (Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University)

Dr Callan Davies (University of Kent)

Dr Nisha Ramayya (Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London)

Georgina Primrose (Postgraduate student, University of Kent)

Catherine Madden (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Katie Lowe (Undergraduate student, University of Kent)

Meryl Pugh (Poet and writer)

Naoimh Rogers (BA student, University of Kent)

Laura Romain (BA student, University of Kent)

Rhea Lempert (BA student, University of Kent)

Martha Grogan (BA student, University of Kent)

Dr Scott Thurston (University of Salford)

Cal Desmond-Pearson (Undergraduate student, Open University)

Jessica Hansen (BA student, University of Kent)

Alex Dean (BA Student, Canterbury Christ Church University)

Daniel Fountain, AFHEA (PhD researcher & module tutor, Loughborough University)

Dr Patricia Baker, FSA (Senior Lecturer, University of Kent)

Katie Toussaint-Jackson (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Dan Forbes (PhD Candidate, SSPSSR, University of Kent)

Dr. Thanos Zartaloudis (Kent Law School, University of Kent)

Lisa Davies (University of Kent)

Elliot Porter  (PhD Candidate, University of Kent)

Dr Charles Hutchins (Lecturer, Centre for Music and Audio Technology, University of Kent)

Levi Darbyshire (MPhys Student, University of Kent)

Ryan Michael Wildgoose (PhD Candidate in Human Studies and Lecturer, Laurentian University)

Alon Lischinsky (Oxford Brookes University)

Abigail Squiller (Student, Dekalb High School, Waterloo, IN)

Leanne Taylor (Lecturer, SSPSSR and Kent Law School, University of Kent)

Dr Laura Bailey (Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics, University of Kent)

Dr. Sharon Webb (University of Sussex)

Prof Scarlett Thomas (Professor, University of Kent)

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