The MALS Portfolio

Along with your thesis or special project, you will be required to submit a MALS portfolio containing documents that best reflect your Program of Study.

Include the following in your portfolio:

+ Course syllabi

+ Seminar papers

+ Presentation slides

+ Course assignments of particular interest

+ A reflection on your Program of Study

+ Audiovisual work from your Program of Study

+ Other items that help demonstrate your focus and development as a scholar

How to build a portfolio:

+ Keep copies of all of your course syllabi

+ Keep both electronic and returned copies of your seminar papers

+ Keep everything together in one place throughout your time in the MALS program.

One of the best ways to get an idea of how you might want to build your portfolio is to see what others have done. The MALS department keeps copies of alumni portfolios in the program office. Drop by during Dr. LeRoy-Frazier’s or Dr. Tedesco’s posted office hours, or contact either of them to make an appointment to view past portfolios.