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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Glocester School District (GSD)

At the Glocester School District, our students have access to many valuable instructional technology tools as well as Internet access in our library/media center, technology labs, and classrooms. Our goal is to teach students to utilize these electronic resources to enhance our school’s instructional goals.

The GSD has taken precautions to ensure that students are using the Internet and other electronic resources for appropriate educational means. Student use of the Internet and multimedia resources will be supervised by an adult at all times, however, we cannot guarantee that students will refrain from locating inappropriate sources. Please review the guidelines listed and sign below.

  1. Student use of instructional media must be in support of grade appropriate GSD curriculum
  2. Students will use respect and show proper care and handling of all equipment. Any student found to be intentionally damaging any hardware or software will be cited for school property abuse.
  3. Students are expected to respect and not attempt to bypass security in place on computers. Changing or attempting to change a computer's settings is a violation of acceptable use of our equipment.
  4. When using the Internet, students’ actions will be closely supervised. Even though they are supervised, the student is responsible for information viewed, received, and sent.
  5. Students are expected to respect the work and ownership rights of students, staff, and people inside and outside the building.

Student: I have read (or it has been explained to me) and agree to follow the GSD Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that any violation of the procedures may result in the loss of Technology privileges for the remainder of the school year. Additional consequences may be determined and carried out by the administration.

Student Signature: _________________________________________  Date: ____________________

Parent/Guardian: I have read the GSD Acceptable Use Policy. I understand the access to technology is for educational purposes and that the Glocester School District has taken precautions to eliminate controversial material from being viewed by users. However, I recognize that it is impossible to restrict access to all controversial materials. I will not hold the GSD, or any staff member responsible for materials acquired over the Internet. I hereby give permission to my child to be given the privilege of Internet access.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________  Date: __________________

Student Name: _____________________________________________  Grade: __________________

Teacher: __________________________________________________