Visitors at my Mina-Japan Centre Club.

I opened  MINA-JAPAN Centre Club in Manchester City Centre in 1981..

MINA is my daughter's name.Then so many stars  visited my Mina Japan Centre  Club.

Pop stars(Ultra Vox, Boy George, OMD,Spandauballet, Level042, musicians,dancers, actors and actress, Orchetra Players,  

TV film producers and stars, Northern Ballet dancers, Royal  Ballet Dancers, sports stars,Shakespear Theatre players

members  etc. in UK and also Japanese music artists from Japan.

I also helped British film producers to  make over 12  TV  drama series  films"Coast to Coast "(BBC Manchester) , " University Campus(BBC Birmingham),

"Sterling " (ITV), " Body and Soul" (Yorkshire TV),"Small World "(ITV)  etc, as many Japanese extra staffs and actors and actresses  are needed to  apear in those films. For some films, I designed and conducted to build Japanese Streets  sets ,

Japanese tea room etc. at  Granada sets buildings by TV films producers'requests.


Boy George asked the Mina Japan Club to deliver Japanese Sushi to Manchester City Soccer Club Stadium.   His performance  was very unique  and special.

He is flying down from mid-air by helicopter in the dark late  evening and hanging down to the set stage at the centre of football ground  busing ropes  like Batman style.And spotlights are on like soccer night game. And stage illumination is on.

He always wants Japanese meals before and after singing and performing.

Now I retired from Mina Japan Centre Club business because of my ages.

However, when I was young, I was making and recording musics with Manchester Pop Music Groups.

It was quite enjoyable time.

Nori Kojiro Kita

Nkita Consulting(UK)

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