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Virtual Roundtable Notes 2016.0311
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Virtual Roundtable Notes (March 11, 2016)
Distributed Leadership: Leading From Where You Are
Erik Palmore and Christine Rener

Central Ideas

Session handout

Readings highlight the tension between formal trappings of leadership (e.g., budgeting) and creating opportunities for leadership (from Kezar reading). We need both to work in a collective leadership model.

Tools for Leadership Development

Rener: great success with mid-career faculty and faculty learning communities. Getting faculty to take more formal role in leadership. Conversations framed around not just the “why” of being a leader, but also providing tools (e.g., how organizations/units work to see larger picture)

Multi-frame leadership helps make change possible: use the frames tools as well as the StrengthsFinder inventory.

Discussion: Reflection questions presented prior to the session

What challenges and opportunities create the need for leadership of you in your roles? Of faculty that you may be developing?

Challenge: reducing ambiguity

We live in complex systems. Our roles are often that of a filter or to make meaning out of ambiguity.

Challenge: Dealing with priorities. Lot of competing priorities from upper administration, faculty, and what we want to do. How to balance those, set an agenda, and respect needs of all three different groups

In the context of your goals, what does it mean to “use your network?” What forces impact the size, quality, and efficacy of your network?

What strategies work for shaping others’ sense of being a leader? What tools are most useful to their learning or enacting their learning?

Extra resources provided in the pre-webinar materials

Read and Review