Event Scheduling Guide


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Contact Information


Request a Room

Set-up Types

Add a Customer

Community Members

Multi-Day Event Request

Edit My Event

Find My Request

Error Messages


Check Availability

Contact Information for Scheduling Offices:



Email (@mines.edu)


Student Center

Michael McMillan



Outdoor Spaces

Michael McMillan



Green Center
(offline until 2020)

Michael McMillan



Student Rec Center

Margie Rodgers



Intramural Fields

John Howard



Athletic Facilities

Charles O’Dell



How to Log-in at events.mines.edu:

Step 1: Hover over My Account and Click on Log In:

Step 2: Type your Mines ADIT Multipass information and then click on Login:

Note: You need to log in to submit an event reservation request and a Colorado School of Mines ADIT account is required.  All Mines faculty, staff and students have an ADIT account.  

Community members and guests should contact the relevant scheduling office directly to make a reservation:

Student Center & Outdoor Event Venues: reservations@mines.edu

Green Center: gc.events@mines.edu  (PLEASE NOTE:  the Green Center will not be open for reservations until Spring 2020)

Athletic Facilities: codell@mines.edu

Student Recreation Center: mrodgers1@mines.edu

Intramural Fields: jkhoward@mines.edu

Summer Conferences: jgraser@mines.edu

Academic classroom requests are managed by the Registrar’s Office: http://inside.mines.edu/RoomInfo

How to Request a Room

Hover over ‘Reservations’ and click on a facility request form (e.g. Ben Parker Student Center):

Input details on left and hit ‘find space.’  Select room by selecting the green & white ‘+’ then hit ‘continue’: 

Fill out event & customer details and submit:


Helpful Hints: 



How to Associate a Campus Organization or Department to Your Name:

Requests for personal use are not permitted.  You can submit a request on behalf of a student organization, campus department or academic class.  To do so, we need to identify which group you belong to.  

If your organization or department is not listed in our database or your name is not listed in the ‘customer details’ area, you will need to request the scheduling staff to add your department or organization to your profile.  Send this request to reservations@mines.edu.

You will not be able to submit a request until the customer detail information is corrected.

Please note that you can belong to more than one organization (i.e.  USG and Student Activities).  Please send a request to reservations@mines.edu if you need an additional organization added to your profile.  You need to make a reservation on behalf of the correct group.

Community Members & Guests: How to Submit a Request

You can view the event schedule anytime, anywhere at events.mines.edu.

When you are ready to submit an event request, please contact the relevant scheduling office directly to make a reservation:

Student Center & Outdoor Event Venues: reservations@mines.edu

Green Center: gc.events@mines.edu

Athletic Facilities: codell@mines.edu

Student Recreation Center: mrodgers1@mines.edu

Intramural Fields: jkhoward@mines.edu

Summer Conferences: reservations@mines.edu

How to Request a Recurring Meeting or Multi-day Event:

Hover over ‘Reservations’ and click on a facility request form (e.g. Ben Parker Student Center):

Click on the ‘Recurrence’ button:

Select a Tab: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Random meeting pattern.

OPTION 1: Daily (e.g. meeting from 10-11am M-F from March 6-March 10)

OPTION 2: Weekly (e.g.  meeting from 10-11am every Thursday from Jan 12-May 4)

OPTION 3: Monthly (e.g. meeting from 10-11am the first Sunday of every month from Feb 5 - May 7)

OPTION 4: Random Dates (e.g. meeting from 10-11am on Jan 13, 16 & 18)

Once you have the meeting pattern set, click ‘Apply Recurrence.’  If you made a mistake, simply click ‘Remove Recurrence.’

Next, input your attendance and setup type and click ‘Find Space’:

Tip: Reference the Room Capacity and Setup Type information if no results are generated after you click ‘Find Space’.

The Availability screen will appear with available rooms. If there are conflicts, you can see which room is available on which dates (e.g. Ballroom BC is available on 2 of the 5 dates).  If you hover over the (!) sign, the conflicted dates will appear:

Click the (+) to select the room you want to assign to the available dates (e.g.  Click on (+) next to SC-Ballroom A).  You’ll note the 3 available dates are now selected.  To see if any room is available for the remaining 2 dates, click on ‘Search Remaining Dates’:

If there are no rooms available on the remaining dates for the attendance and setup type you inputted, you will see the following message, ‘No space available matching your criteria.’  Try creating another recurrence pattern with different criteria or click ‘Continue’ if you are satisfied with your search:

You will then input the event & customer details until you reach the point of submitting  your request:

For tips on how to add/update customer details for yourself, click here.

How to Edit My Event Request in Virtual EMS

Go to events.mines.edu>My Account>Log In>Use your ADIT login

Hover over Reservations>View My Requests

Click on the Event Name to Edit

To Change Date, Time or Location on Existing Booking, Click on the Edit Booking Icon:

To View Equipment or Furniture on an Existing Booking, Click on the Edit Services Magnifying Glass:

To Add or Change Equipment or Furniture on an Existing Booking, Click on the Edit Services + Icon:

To Add a New Booking to a Reservation, click on ‘Add Booking’ or to Cancel a Booking, click on ‘Cancel Bookings’

Make changes and click on Update Booking

The request will go back to a “request” status and the scheduling office will need to re-confirm the event.

Help- I’m logged in but I can’t find the event request I submitted.

Hover over ‘Reservations’ and click on ‘View My Requests’:

Your current, active requests will show up.  Click on the event name (e.g. ‘Test Event’) to see more details:

Click on ‘Show Cancelled’ to see your cancelled events.  

Click on the ‘Historical’ tab to see your past events.

You can also search for a specific reservation ID if you know the number.

The person who submitted the request at events.mines.edu is the sole person that can log-in and edit the reservation.  If you submit requests on behalf of someone else and they need to make changes, you will need to make changes for them.  As a last resort, you can ask the scheduling office to re-assign the reservation to that person.

Common VEMS errors and what they mean:

“First available booking date violation”

New reservations cannot be made for less than 4 days from the date of the request.  Therefore, if you are trying to request a room for tomorrow, you will need to contact the appropriate scheduling office to request the space.  

“Request violates building hours”

This error occurs for 2 reasons:

  1. The requested times are after the building is closed or before it opens.  As an example, the Student Center doesn’t accept requests that start before 8am.  If you request a room for an event that starts at 7am, you will see this error.
  2. The request is on a date the building is closed.  Facilities may be closed on holidays or campus breaks.  Facilities may also be marked as closed during large campus events such as Homecoming, E-days and Commencement.  While the facility will be physically open during these events, requests for space are not being accepted.

“Dates requested violate last allowed booking date”

The reservations system only accepts requests up to a certain future date.  This error occurs when a request is being made for a date too far in the future.

“The request violates the maximum number of bookings you are allowed to make”

Requests for space are limited for each reservation.  This error occurs when a request for more than the limit is exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: There are no spaces available for the date and time that I need.  What should I do?

A1: Think creatively about using a different space.  Click here for help on how to check the event calendar for availability.  If you need theater style seating, could a classroom or event venue with fixed theater seating be used instead of requiring a room to be set up?  

Remember, academic classrooms are managed by the Registrar’s Office and you can view availability (must use an on-campus internet connection) at: pastra.mines.edu.

Q2: How do I know if I’ll be charged a rental fee for my event?

A2: If less than 50% of attendees will be Mines faculty, staff or students, then a room rental charge will apply.  

Q3: How come I have technical support and equipment fees at the Green Center but not at other facilities?

A3: The Green Center is a self-funded operation and therefore has to cover its “hard costs” such as labor and equipment.

Q4: An external entity is paying the bill for the event, is a contract needed?

A4: Yes, the non-Mines entity will need to sign a Facilities Use Agreement.  Please contact the scheduling office directly rather than submit an event request form at events.mines.edu

How to View the Event Schedule

Hover over Browse and select ‘Check Availability;

You will see today’s schedule of events.  Hover over the blue bar to see event name, date & time:

Click on ‘Filter’ to select a different time or to view events in a specific building:

What do the colors indicate?

Blue= specific room that is reserved for an event

Gray= portion of a combination room is not available (i.e. If Ballroom AB is booked, Ballroom A cannot be booked on its own.  In this case, Ballroom AB will show as blue and Ballroom A will show as gray.)