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Purple Hindu Kush  $10  1/8th   $20 ¼    $40 ½   $80oz

(cannot be combined with other discounts)

D A I L Y  S P E C I A L S

MONDAY /  FRIDAY $15  1.25g preroll 3 pack

TUESDAY /  THURSDAY  30% off select top shelf 1/8th (budtender’s choice)

WEDNESDAY /  SATURDAY 4 gram 1/8th’s, 8 gram ¼’s, 16 gram ½’s, 10% off ounces

SUNDAY 10% off edibles, cartridges, dabs, topicals, & tinctures

EVERYDAY 10% veterans/seniors discount

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Mystery Haze  18.77% THC,  0% CBD  (Hazy Kush backcross)  NUGZ FARM

100% sativa    Strong, clear, cerebral, energizing effects.  Diesel, citrus, tropical funk aroma .  Local, indoor, hydroponic.

$12/g    $42/ ⅛   $78/ ¼   $150/ ½   $282/oz

Apex  25.2% THC,  0% CBD    (Mandarin Cookies x Lilac Diesel backcross X 3)  HIGH LATITUDE FARMS

100% sativa  Uplifting cerebral effects.  Cookie, earthy aroma.  Local, outdoor, full-season.

$8/g    $28/ ⅛   $52/ ¼   $100/ ½   $188/oz   

Chernobyl  20.6% THC,  0% CBD  (Trainwreck X Trinity X Jack the Ripper)  BLUE & YELLOW FARMS

80% sativa, 20% indica  Uplifting, stoney effects for focus and creativity.  Sweet flavor. Outdoor, sungrown.

$7/g    $24/ ⅛   $45/ ¼   $87/ ½   $164/oz   

Jazz  22.27% THC,  0% CBD  (Oaxacan landrace  x Iranian landrace)  BIG BEARD FARMS

75% sativa, 25% indica  Clear, energized, happy effects.  Lemon cake, sour pine aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$12/g    $42/ ⅛   $78/ ¼   $150/ ½   $282/oz

Cinderella Cookies  23% THC, 0% CBD  (Cinex X GSC)  UPCOUNTRY CANNABIS CO.

60% sativa, 40% indica  Uplifting, euphoric effects.  Peppery, grassy aroma.  Local, indoor, hydroponic.

$13/g    $45/ ⅛   $84/ ¼   $162/ ½   $305/oz   

M4  31.38% THC, 0% CBD  (Mystery Machine  x Mad Max)  BIG BEARD FARMS

60% sativa, 40% indica  Clear, calm w/ strong body effect.  Candy breakfast cereal aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$18/g    $63/ ⅛   $117/ ¼   $225/ ½   $423/oz

Snow Leopard   21.1% THC, .09% CBD   (Tigermelon X Snow Lotus)   FIRE FLOWER  

55% indica, 45% sativa  Soaring, spacey, dreamy effects.  Floral, melon, tropical fruit aroma.  Outdoor, sungrown.

$6/g    $21/ ⅛  $39/ ¼  $75/ ½  $141/oz 

Scooby Snacks  19% THC, .04% CBD    (Dog Walker  X Forum Cut GSC)    BIG BEARD FARMS

70% indica, 30% sativa  Relaxed, with euphoric cerebral effects.  Floral sweet peppery  aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$11/g    $38/ ⅛   $71/ ¼   $137/ ½   $258/oz

Angry Wizard  22.3% THC, .04% CBD    (Blissful Wizard  X Mad Max OG)    BIG BEARD FARMS

70% indica, 30% sativa  Relaxed, with euphoric cerebral effects.  Sweet, carrot aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$12/g    $42/ ⅛   $78/ ¼   $150/ ½   $282/oz

8541  23.4% THC, .05% CBD    (Raspberry Kush X Scooby Snacks)    BIG BEARD FARMS

70% indica, 30% sativa  Relaxed, with euphoric cerebral effects.  Sweet, berry aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$12/g    $42/ ⅛   $78/ ¼   $150/ ½   $282/oz


Ice Cream Man  20.1% THC,  .05% CBD  (Jet Fuel Gelato X Legend Orange Apricot)  HIGH LATITUDE FARMS

80% indica, 20% sativa  Balanced effects.  Pine, apricot, orange aroma.  Local, Outdoor, full-season.

$6/g    $21/ ⅛  $39/ ¼  $75/ ½  $141/oz   

Dogwalker OG  29.3% THC,  0% CBD  (Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91)    BIG BEARD FARMS

80% indica, 20% sativa  relaxed laid-back effects.  Skunky, earthy, lavender  aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$16/g    $56/ ⅛   $104/ ¼   $200/ ½   $376/oz

Mandarin Cookies  21.9% THC,  .0p% CBD  (Forum Cut GSC X Mandarin Sunset)  HIGH LATITUDE FARMS

80% indica, 20% sativa  Relaxing Happy effects.  Fortune Cookie with a hint of pepper aroma.  Local, Outdoor, full season.

$6/g    $21/ ⅛  $39/ ¼  $75/ ½  $141/oz

Purple Magic  20.1% THC,  .07% CBD  (heirloom Purple clone X Mandarin Sunset)  HIGH LATITUDE FARMS

80% indica, 20% sativa  Relaxing effects.  Peppery, grassy, fruity aroma.  Local, Outdoor, full season.

$7/g    $24/ ⅛   $45/ ¼   $87/ ½   $164/oz

Purple Apricot  26.7% THC, .05% CBD   (Purple Punch x Legend Orange Apricot)  HIGH LATITUDE FARMS

80% indica, 20% sativa  Relaxing Happy effects.  Sweet Citrus Aroma.  Local, Outdoor, full season.

$7/g    $24/ ⅛   $45/ ¼   $87/ ½   $164/oz

Irish Stout  30.27% THC, 0% CBD   (Raspberry Rocket x Guiness)   BIG BEARD FARMS

80% indica, 20% sativa  Strong relaxing effects.   Peppery fruity sweet cereal aroma.  Local, indoor, living soil.

$18/g    $63/ ⅛   $117/ ¼   $225/ ½   $423/oz

Purple Hindu Kush  24% THC,  .06% CBD  (Purple Afghani X Hindu Kush)  REMEDY FARMS

100% indica   Relaxing, sleepy effects.  Grape, floral, citrus, spice flavors.  Sungrown, full season.

$4/g    $14/ ⅛  $26/ ¼  $50/ ½  $94/oz 

Granddaddy Purple  21.21% THC,  0% CBD  (Big Bud X Purple Urkel)  EPIC FAMILY FARMS

100% indica  Sleepy effects.  Sweet fruity earthy.  Indoor, hydroponic.

$7/g    $24/ ⅛   $45/ ¼   $87/ ½   $164/oz

Purple Punch  19.05% THC,  0% CBD  (Larry OG X Granddaddy Purple)  JJ’S FARM

100% indica  Relaxing effects.  Sweet Purple Syrup aroma.   Sungrown, full season.

$5/g    $17/ ⅛  $32/ ¼  $62/ ½  $117/oz  

Hawaiian Haze  .05% THC, 14.33% CBD    (Hawaiian X Haze)  EXTENT SOLUTIONS FARMS

100% sativa  Relaxing body effect w/ little to no psychoactivity.  Cherry, earthy aroma. Sungrown, full season.

$3/g    $10/ ⅛  $19/ ¼  $37/ ½  $70/oz           


.5 gram $3

Bruce Banner (sativa) 19.5%

Lemon Meringue (sativa) 16%

Citrus Sap (sativa) 16.8%

Chokah Cookies (indica) 26.7%

Mac #4 (indica) 19.3%

Strawberry Guava (indica) 20%

Black Afghani Rose (indica) 19.7%

Purple Punch (indica) 20%

1 gram $4

Mac #4 (indica) 18%

1 gram $6

J1   (sativa) 21%

Green Lantern (sativa) 24.6%

Gorilla Glue (sativa) 23.3%

Tomb Raider (sativa) 30.27

Chokah Cookies (indica) 26.7%

Wedding Cake (indica) 18.7%

White Crush (indica) 25.8%

Strawberry Kush (indica) 26.7%

Critical Mass (indica) 9.7%THC  17%CBD

1.25 gram $6

Memory Loss (sativa) 25.5%

GG#4 (sativa) 19%

Fire OG (indica) 21.5%

Hazmat OG (indica) 22.5%

Duct Tape (indica) 25%

Purple Punch (indica) 20%

Do-si-do (indica) 21.6%

.25g kief + 1 gram flower $12

Purple Punch (indica)

4 pack .875 gram $15     

Super Silver Haze (sativa) 18%

Lemon Meringue (sativa) 16%

Alpha 9 Do-si-do (indica) 22.41%

oil-infused 1 gram  $14 

Guicy Banger (sativa)

Blackberry Fire (hybrid)

Ice Cream Man (hybrid)

Purple Hindu Kush (indica)

Papaya Cake x White OG (indica)

Rosin infused 1 gram  $20

Jack Herer (sativa)


top shelf A bud .5 gram   

Tahoe Sap (indica) 22%  $4

Purple Hindu Kush (indica) 24%  $4

Lamb’s Bread (sativa) 13.5% $5

Astral Works (sativa) 5.8%THC  9.7%CBD $5

Mystery Haze (sativa) 18.8% $7

Chunk Berry (indica) 23.4%  $7

Dogwalker OG (indica) 29.3%  $9

M4 (sativa) 31.38%  $10


Select Elite  

Terpene-enriched distillate     1g/$34

O.Pen Vape Craft Reserve  

Single-harvest distillate w/ native terpenes 1g/$36


Distillate C-Cell cartridge         1g/ $36  .5g/ $22

PAX Pods w/ distillate or live resin        .5g/$36

Disposable pen                                                  .3g/$24

Bobsled Extracts  

Live Resin    .5g/$17   SALE! (reg $25)

  (The Sauce- GG#4 X Blue Ribbon) 48%THC

Live Resin     1g/$43  (Blue Dream)

Farmer’s Friend Extracts  

CO2 oil      1g/$29

OM Extracts HIGH CBD

CO2 oil, Suver Haze 14:1  61%CBD, 4%THC   1g/$30



Buddies Jellies

1-piece 50mg THC  $6

5-piece 50mg THC   $10

Cherry (indica), Watermelon (indica-hybrid), Orange (hybrid), Lemon (sativa-hybrid), Lime (sativa)

Golden Blasts  1-piece gummy  50mg THC  $6

Tropical (indica), Tangerine or Black Cherry (sativa)

Golden Fruit Chews   10-piece

THC Tropical (indica), Tangerine (sativa) 50mg THC $16

Acai 1:1 50mg THC, 50mg CBD  $21

Kiwi Strawberry 2:1 50mg THC, 100mg CBD  $21

Green Apple CBD  ~120mg CBD  $16

Gron Pearls Gummies  10-piece

Boost Watermelon 50mg THC $18 

Relax Raspberry 50mg THC, 50mg CBD $22

Bliss Strawberry 50mg THC, 100mg CBD $24

Harmony Blackberry 1:1:1 50mg THC, CBD, & CBN $24

Mellow Strawberry-Melon 2:1 50mg THC, 100mg CBN $24 

WYLD Gummies    10-piece

Marionberry (indica), Raspberry (sativa),

Huckleberry (hybrid)  50mg THC   $20

Strawberry (20:1 CBD THC) 193mg CBD, 9mg THC  $20

Pomegranate (1:1 THC CBD ) 50mg CBD, 50mg THC $23

Elderberry(1:1 THC CBN indica) 50mg CBN, 50mg THC $23

Huckleberry hemp CBD 500mg CBD $35

Mr. Moxey’s Mints   10-piece

Relax Cinnamon, Energize Peppermint 50mg THC  $19

Dream Lavender 3:1 150mg CBD, 50mg THC  $24

Balance Peppermint 1:1 50mg CBD, 50mg THC $24

Relief Ginger, Peppermint 5:1 100mg CBD, 20mg THC $24  

Zen Peppermint 25:1 500mg CBD, 20mg THC $24

Periodic Edibles Caramels   1-piece

strain-specific caramels made w/ cannabutter  $14  

Obama Kush (indica), Cinex(sativa) 50mg THC

CBD (Old School) 20mg THC, 50mg CBD   

Chalice Milk Chocolate Blasts  1-piece  50mg THC  $9        

Gron Chocolates  made w/ fair trade chocolate

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt 50mg THC $16

Dark Chocolate 50mg THC $16

Dark Chocolate CBD Bar 250mg CBD $24

T I N C T U R E S   &   R S O

Vital Leaf Tinctures         1oz/$8

5:1 CBD THC coconut oil tincture  250mg CBD, 50mg THC

Chocolate Mint, Rose Cardamom Vanilla

Om Extracts Tincture   made with coconut oil

Green C ~1:1 THC/CBD

340mg CBD, 240mg THC   1oz/$24  SALE! (reg $36)

Durban Poison THC

25mg CBD, 385mg THC       1oz/$24  SALE! (reg $36)

Siskiyou Sungrown Tinctures         1oz/$36

HIGH CBD, 1:1 THC CBD, HIGH THC ~650mg cannabinoids

MCT coconut oil (w/ mint) -OR- organic grain alcohol

Luminous Botanicals Universal Cannabis Tonic

organic coconut/almond oil tinctures, graduated dropper for precise dosing, standardized, consistent potency

1/2oz  $54  1oz $90  trial size $6

Sky Blend .5oz | 337mg THC, 37mg CBD          

Meadow Blend  .5oz | 187mg THC, 187mg CBD

Earth Blend .5oz | 37mg THC, 337mg CBD 

Siskiyou Sungrown Full Extract Cannabis Oil  (RSO)

full spectrum, whole plant oil extracted w/ organic cane alcohol 1ml/$36  626mg THC. 34mg CBD

Genesis Pharms  Full Extract Cannabis Oil  (RSO)

High CBD  1ml/$16  SALE! (reg $24)

Rebel Roots Full Extract Cannabis Oil  (RSO)

full spectrum, whole plant oil extracted w/ alcohol 1ml/$20

Cannatonic 1:1

Select Hemp CBD Tincture   1oz/$40

coconut oil tincture w/ herbs 1000mg CBD

peppermint, lemon ginger, or unflavored  

Angel Hemp CBD Tincture   1oz

coconut oil w/ mint, lemon ginger, or unflavored

$60 3000mg CBD,  $100 5000mg CBD (unflavored only)

E X T R A C T S                                             

Fire Dept. ice water kief $12

Sessions shatter $12

Dab Factory shatter $12

Beehive Extracts badder $15

Bobsled live resin   1g/$24 & $19     sugar sauce 1g/ $17

Buddies live resin 1g/$24

Dab Society  live resin  1g/ $24      

Sol Sap solventless hash  1g/ $24

Farmer’s Friend Extracts RCO  1g/$27


Medicine Farm Botanicals  

Cascadia Blend 1:1 Mini Salve .25oz/$17 50mg THC, 50mgCBD

CBD Apothecary 

THC relief lotion .5oz/$32   ~315mg THC

Empower Bodycare 

Soaking Salts 16 oz $36 69mg THC 78mgCBD

Topical Relief Oil .3oz  $29 50mg THC, 50mgCBD

CBD-only Lotion 1.7oz $30 173mg THC

    Lemon Verbena, Peppermint Juniper, or Cedar Bergamot

CBD-only Roller Oil .3oz $18 69mg CBD, 1oz $40 232mg CBD

Sacred Herb Medicinals                                            

THC Lotion 48mg THC   2oz /$22  SALE! (reg $28)                                                

Luminous Botanicals Dew

oil-based Personal lubricant, Pleasure(highTHC) .33oz  $36


button battery $18                            pipes S$6/ M$8/ L/$10

buttonless battery$8                      lighter $2                                                                                                                                                                              PALM battery $24                          RAW hemp cones $2.25  

Buddies battery $10                        RAW hemp papers $2.50 

PAX 3 vaporizer $250