Belcarra USBLAN for Windows  


1.0 Driver Overview

1.2   Address management and discovery

USBLAN offers an optional built-in DHCP service for network devices. This provides a plug and play IP address setup solution for one or more related devices.  The DHCP service is offered to both the USB device and Windows.

A typical smart device and the Windows host form a tiny network of 2 network nodes.  If the DHCP server is enabled, it needs a 3rd distinct IP address.

A management application with knowledge of the planned addresses can determine which device(s) are active, all without using privileged access.  This information is stored in registry keys.

1.3   Composite Function

The Belcarra USBLAN driver is fully compatible with the Windows Generic Parent driver (USBCCGP) and supports devices that have implemented a set of network interfaces for one of the supported protocols.

Note that for protocols that use 2 interfaces (ECM, NCM, RNDIS) this requires the device correctly implements its composite configuration with an Interface Association Descriptor (IAD) and that the network interface index be specified in the INF file. The EEM protocol uses a single interface and therefore does not use an IAD descriptor. These requirements are automatically met by the Linux Gadget protocols.

2.0 Evaluation - Demo Driver

3.0 Installation Kit

4.0  OEM Kit Customization

5.0  Driver Operation

6.0  Debug

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