May 14, 2018

Seniors, I have attached a list of possible website sources for college information & scholarships for you to review here at the end of your Jr Year. You don’t have to use this but it’s a good resource to have if you wish to apply for scholarships.  We usually get a little more serious with this list around September but if you want to look at some of these sites now you are more than welcome to. If you would fill out the information for FASTWEB on-line now or next Fall that would be a great start for each of you.    There are many other websites out there you can use also.  If you find any apps that you think are outstanding please let us know and we will share them.  I have attached the letter for the beginning of your senior year that I send to your parents this spring.  Please take time to look over it when you can.  


Date:        May 14th, 2018

To:      Seniors of  2019 and Parents

From: Mr. Pfannenstiel

Re:           Senior Year & Future Plans



This is a list of resources on line that is supported by KSDE…

Bureau of Indian Affairs                                        (Scholarships)

Fastweb                                                (Free Scholarship Search)

College Answer                             (Free Scholarship Search)

Broke Scholar                                  (Free Scholarship Search)            (Free Scholarship Search)

Scholarship Hunter              (Free Scholarship Search)

Scholarships 101                         (Free Scholarship Search)

SuperCollege                                (Free Scholarship Search)

Scholarship Experts               (Informational)

Scholarship Help                          (Informational)

Scholarship Scams      (Informational)

College Goal Sunday                      (Financial Aid Help)

Free Application for Federal                            (Student Aid (FAFSA)                                                                Financial Aid info)

Kansas Board of Regents                 (Look under students &

Financial Aid for

                                                 scholarship information-State Scholars)

PIN for the FAFSA                      (This is your signature for the FAFSA)

Selective Service                                         (All males 18 must register)




Here is a list of other possible resources for scholarship work….