Email, response to PolitiFact Texas, Katharine Hayhoe, director, Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University, April 19, 2013

9:09 pm

What do you consider to be a problem? That is a value judgment. I consider greenhouse gases to be a problem because our western civ is biult on the premise of a stable climate... Today we have two thirds of the world’s largest cities within A FEW (NOT TWO) feet of sea level... ALL OF OUR INFRASTRUCTURE, OUR BUILDINGS, OUR AGRICULTURE IS ALL BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION OF A STABLE CLIMATE When climate chanegs, that is a porblem. All of a sudden, all of the things we have built...ARE NO LONGER SUITED TO THEIR ENVIRONMENT AND THAT IS A VERY EXPENSIVE PROBLEM

(Greenhouse gases?) The reason why anyone would think g gases are a problem are bec of climate change. If you don’t think changing climatge, then you don’t think gg are a problem. G G are gases that occur naaturally in our atmosstpher, but just like a lot of things, when we artificially enhance them [BY DIGGING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF COAL, GAS, AND OIL OUT OF THE GROUND AND BURNING IT, CARBON THAT WOULD OTHERWISE NOT GET INTO THE ATMOSPHERE FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS], we have a problem. Like too much food or the wrong food; EVEN too much of a vitamin could not be good for you.

G g occur naturally in our atmosph, keep our climate at the right temp for life; but if change a probl... BECAUSE IT CAUSES THE EARTH TO HEAT UP

The existence of g gases naturally is not a prohblem. From context, he’s probably referring to the artificial increase in them.

If the context was, climate might be changing, but we don’t know what’s causign it. If so, that is absolutely false bec what climate scientists do, we are not wedded to ANY PARTICULAR CAUSE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE, JUST AS A DOCTOR IS NOT WEDDED TO EVERY SYMPTOM HE SEES BEING THE RESULT OF E COLI... whenever WE see a symptom, etc... heat waves, sea levels, planet running a fever. BEFORE WE JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS ABOUT WHAT IS CAUSING THESE SYMPTOMS We look to all the diff causes that have made the planet warmer in the past, volcanos, NATURAL CYCLES, ENERGY FROM THE SUN, orbital cycles etc first, to see if they can be blamed for our current change. In every sinle one ofthese cases, evedry natural cause has a perfect alibi for the last 50 yrs. If temp controled by sun, wqe would be getting cooler; IF ORBITAL CYCLES, WE'D BE HEADING INTO ANOTHER ICE AGE, IF NATURAL CYCLES, WE WOULDNT' SEE THE OCEAN AND THE ATMOSPHERE BOTH WARMING, if other factors, cooler too.