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We Grow Good Things For Life

CSA Program

(Community Supported Agriculture)



   Calendula Farm is a small scale producer of high quality foods.  We grow plants and animals with the purpose of enriching and sustaining healthful living in our local community of the South Puget Sound.

   We raise poultry and rabbits for meat and eggs, fruiting trees & shrubs and vegetable starts for the home gardener, and produce exclusively for our CSA members.

   Calendula Farm is located just outside Tacoma on the ridge above the Puyallup River Valley.  The farm is a four minute drive from I-5 and ten minutes from downtown Tacoma.  The property exists in an area of land designated by Pierce County as ‘Rural Separator Zone’ which allows and encourages the agricultural heritage of the area to thrive amongst urban sprawl.

   Our philosophy and practice in farming can be described as permaculture, but we do not subscribe to any specific methodology.   Our goal is to integrate all aspects of our farming activities and be as self-sustaining as possible.  We practice pasture rotation,  plant fruit trees in and around the pastures to provide shade as well as food for the animals, we compost manure and use it to fertilize the vegetable gardens and the potted nursery stock, and grow giant sunflowers, corn, amaranth, flax and squash around the perimeter of the farm property for in-house animal feed.

   Our birds are raised from day-old chicks in a brooding house, and, when they have matured a bit, are graduated to an outdoor pasture where they get to become the “good old-fashioned, dirt-scratchin’, bug-eatin’, happy, healthy animals” they are designed to be.  There is a licensed processing facility on-site which eliminates the need for live animals to experience the stress of traveling.  At butchering time, they are treated with compassion and gratitude for their existence and their role in the cycle of life.  Anything that is grown to become food should be allowed to live as naturally as possible and treated with respect.

     We believe very strongly in putting to good use every bit of a creature whose life has been given in order to sustain ours.  We save fat and render it for cooking oil, dehydrate organs and other parts to become pet food & snacks, cook down trim and carcasses for bone broths, tan hides for making clothes, blankets, or pet toys, and compost anything inedible to become rich soil for growing plants.

   We approach plant production the same way.  Plants should grow in dirt, outside.  We do not expend energy heating greenhouses in order to get jump on the planting season. All of our potted nursery stock is well acclimatized and ready to get in the ground & start producing.  Plants include food-producing trees, shrubs, and perennials, from the common to the unusual.  We grow fourteen types of blueberries, a wide variety of caneberries, grapes, currants, gooseberries, figs, several types of Andes Mountains region root vegetables, elderberries, and much much more.

   Produce that we are growing this year exclusively for our CSA members include beans, peas, summer squash, kale, broccoli, turnips, spinach, lettuce, oca, yacon, mashua, cucumbers, pumpkins, chard, gourds, winter squash and possibly some berries.  

Contact info:

   If you have any questions about our practices, operation, or the CSA program, you may call Scott at 253_468_8900.  You may also text message to this number.  You may also email to .   More info can be found at our website .

Here is a list of products available from our farm:


Available to Anyone

Available to CSA members before anyone else

Exclusively available for CSA members

Fresh Chicken - whole & parts


Fresh Duck - whole & parts


Fresh Turkey - whole & parts


Fresh Rabbit - whole & parts




Ready-to-Eat foods (smoked meats, jerky, pate’, broth, etc.)


Ready-to-Cook Entrees


Fresh Pheasant, Goose, Quail

(available seasonally)


Fresh Pork, Lamb, Goat

(very limited availability)


Fresh Eggs (chicken & duck)


Fruit Trees


Fruiting Shrubs like blueberries, raspberries, etc.


Vegetable Starts


Native Trees, Shrubs, Perennials


Ornamental Trees and Shrubs


Flowering Perennials


Healing Herbs


Fresh Vegetables & Fruits


Pet Treats


Pet Toys


Wool & Yarn


Tanned Hides


Garden Art


Special sales or additional discounts


Why purchase a CSA share?

   You give us some money up front, and we give you a discount on our products and preferred status for many of the specialty items we create.

   Purchasing a share in Calendula Farm helps give us operating capital up front.  Plain & simple.  It allows us to know exactly how much product we need to create and supplies the funds to buy feed, animals, and other necessary supplies.   It eliminates the need to gamble on whether sales will meet inventory and production levels, and this helps us to quit worrying and get on with ‘Growing Good Things For Life!’

      As a shareholder, you also enjoy exclusive offerings such as vegetables and fruits & berries which are not available to the general public.  You will also get first choice of seasonal and specialty foods such as turkey, pheasant, and goose.

Costs & Program Details:

   $200 - Anything you purchase is discounted 3% from the retail price until your share is us        ed up.

  The discount at this level equals $6.00 and the starting account balance is $206.00.  

   $350 - Anything you purchase is discounted 5% from the retail price until your share is used up.

          The discount at this level equals $17.50 and the starting account balance is $367.50.

   $550 - Anything you purchase is discounted 10% from the retail price until your share is used up.

          The discount at this level equals $55.00 and the starting account balance is $605.00.

   $750 - Anything you purchase is discounted 15% from the retail price until your share is used up.

          The discount at this level equals $112.50 and the starting account balance is $862.50.

   There are limited numbers of shares available.  When an existing share-holder’s share is used up, they have the option to purchase another share of any size.  If they do not want to purchase another share, that ‘open’ share will be offered to new customers on the waiting list.

   We expect to continue growing and be able to open up more shares over time.  We look forward to growing and improving with your support!

How To Get Your Stuff:

   Calendula Farm is a permanent vendor at the Proctor Farmer’s Market and requested items can be picked up there, each Saturday between 9am and 2pm from the end of March to the end of December.  Material can be picked up at the farm only if arrangements are made in advance.  Material can be picked up at a designated location in Tacoma on a specific day of the week.  That time and location will be announced well in advance.  Also, home delivery might be possible with advance notice.

How We Keep Track of Your Stuff:

   We will track and update your share account using documents stored in secure servers online in Google Drive.  We will send you a link to your account and it will be viewable only to people with the link.  Every time you purchase something we enter the transaction information into an online form and it automatically gets reflected on your account page and the current balance in your account is shown.  You will be able to view your account anytime, anywhere via an internet connection as long as you have the link.