Kingsley Kwok


Brenda Thompson


For immediate release: Wednesday,  July 13, 2016

 Council should vote for a 24 stop LRT network for Scarborough transit riders

We are calling on the Mayor and Council to support Councillor Ainslie and Councillor Matlow’s recommendation to use $3.2B to build 24 LRT stops, instead of a one stop subway extension.

A 24 stop LRT network  including the Scarborough and Eglinton East LRTs, would create an integrated transit network that would better serve residents of central and southeast Scarborough as well as improving the likelihood of much needed connections in the NE, along Sheppard Avenue East.  With only a one-stop extension, too many transit riders will be taking the bus, just to get around Scarborough.

“Residents of Scarborough Village wanted the Eglinton East LRT because of its cost effectiveness, they knew they would get more transit stops for less cost, while increasing jobs and businesses. Now that funding for the Eglinton East LRT has been eliminated, to pay for a one stop subway not servicing Scarborough Village, We have nothing to get. Scarborough Village - a priority community, shouldn’t have to wait another fifteen years for rapid transit, ” says, Joy Robertson, President of Scarborough Residents Unite.

“Newcomers and low income residents can’t afford to drive. They rely on the TTC to get around Scarborough. Don’t waste $3.2B on a one-stop when you can build so much more transit with LRTs”, says Karen Dublin, Scarborough Transit Action member.

“In pushing a one stop extension, that is neither cost effective, nor adequately addresses the lack of rapid transit in Scarborough’s outer neighbourhoods, Mayor Tory has failed to demonstrate the kind of leadership required to meet the needs of local transit riders in Toronto.  He should do the right thing and scrap the Scarborough Subway Extension.” says Brenda Thompson, Scarborough Transit Action chairperson.