Chinese Extension Summer Options

  1. Rosetta Stone: All students have access to Chinese Rosetta Stone throughout the year, including the summer. Rosetta Stone is a powerful online language acquisition program that provides the opportunity for students to develop all their language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - from the beginning, using their own natural language-learning ability. Many students have been doing this over the past three years. Follow the instruction below to begin using the program.
  1. Download the app*, or log into the Rosetta Stone online portal at
  2.  Enter the student username and password
  1. Username is the student's first name (or first seven letters of their first name) and the initial of their last name followed by Example:
  2. Password is a capital “P” followed by the student’s six digit student number. Example: P123456
  1. Click “Launch Rosetta Stone” to get started!
  2. *If you are using an app, you will need to select the “Enterprise and Education Learners” option and then enter “wlwilsonville” into the online portal box.

  1. Youtube links to favorite songs and short videos you used this year:

For kindergarten: Go to the Youtube and find this channel, there are over hundreds of Chinese children songs in this channel. We’ve watched some of them in the class.

For k-5: Chinese new year:

              Chinese lanterns festival:

              Qing Ming festival:


              Dragon boat festival:




              Chinese Valentine's Day:

              Mid autumn festival (Moon festival):

              Double Ninth Festival:

              Chinese 12 zodiac story:

3) Free apps or websites (appropriate for children) that help practic Chinese:

And there’s another cartoon about Chinese cultures, kids like it so much and it’s a series cartoon:

4) Books in a community library that they can read: any Chinese books you can find in local libraries will be fine.

5) Ordering food at a Chinese or Mexican restaurant: one of the best Chinese restaurant, you must try it - “Taste of sichuan” Location: 16261 NW Cornell Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006

one of the best dim sum restaurant: HK Cafe - Red Tea House Location: Eastport Plaza, 4410 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

6) Places they can visit that promote Chinese culture: visit this website and you will find several places and events you can learn about Chinese culture in Portland.