College Tours

This summer, all rising 10th graders will be required to schedule a tour at a local college or university. Information about how to schedule a tour is included at the end of this document.

Prior to going on your tour:

While on your tour:


In September 2014, students will be presenting the findings from their tours to their advisory. Presentations should include:

We have compiled a short list of schools in Philadelphia that are easy to visit. They all require pre-registration to take a tour -- follow the links! However, students may visit any school of their choice -- they are not limited to this list.

We have also noted the average high school GPA of students who are accepted to these schools. Keep in mind that these are averages only -- NOT a cut-off. Many students with lower averages have been accepted.

Drexel University

La Salle University

Penn State Abington

Temple University

University of Pennsylvania