Viewthrough (Ad)

Type: Count

Calculation: Number of visits or conversion events that were not click-based and could have been influenced by display media within a particular lookback timeframe.

Notes: Viewthrough is associated with external digital advertising campaigns, although viewthrough from email and social media is possible to measure. Note that digital ad viewthrough can be measured on both the sending side (as reported by an ad server or ad network, for example) and on the receiving side (as reported by a web analytics tool); they usually do not match due to different attribution methodologies and filters. Dimensions of analysis reflect typical display advertising taxonomy: advertiser(brand), campaign, site, placement, ad size, creative.

Attribution methods matter in measuring the influence of display media and can be determined either by a rules approach (first-touch, last-touch, any touch, fractional weight) or algorithmically through probabilistic datamining.

Viewthrough incrementality is also important to measure but requires an experimental design approach or a simulated control group.

Viewthrough (also view-through) is sometimes known as post-view or post-impression. While it is related to ad viewability or in-view measurement, viewability measurement can only happen on the sending side.