By Simel Bey DAOM (c), L.Ac, AAHAS

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies have been used for more than 3000 years to treat various conditions affecting women. These TCM therapies include acupuncture, acupressure,moxibustion, cupping, qigong, Tui Na and TCM herbal medicine

Acupuncture for Women’s Health

Acupuncture is a therapy which involves the insertion of thin, solid needles into various parts of the body to heal diseases by unblocking the flow of the vital energy known as chi and balancing yin and yang forces inside the body.

Acupuncture has been used for years to treat women with fertility problems like infertility and

subfertility. In ancient China the needles were inserted in the hands and legs of wealthy women to preserve their privacy. It is currently used together with in vitro fertilization to help women with

infertility conceive.

Acupuncture is also used to treat other conditions that commonly affect women like chronic low

back pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraine headaches and fibromyalgia. It is also used to manage emotional conditions like anxiety and depression as well as emotional pain syndromes like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Acupressure for Women’s Health

Acupressure involves the stimulation of acupuncture points with pressure instead of needles. It is also done to enhance the flow of chi.

Acupressure is used to increase libido in women with low libido. It is also used to boost fertility in

women with infertility. Acupressure is also used to prevent and reduce seasickness.

Cupping for Women’s Health

Cupping involves the placing of special cups on certain parts of the body after they are filled with

heated air. When the air in the cup cools, it creates suction on the skin which increases the flow of blood to that area.

Cupping is used to reduce menstrual symptoms in women. It is also used to relieve pains, treat

coughs and wheezing.

Moxibustion for Women’s Health

Moxibustion involves the burning of a stick made from mugwort and wormwood herbs. This moxa stick is placed near acupuncture points to improve the flow of chi in the body.

Moxibustion is used on women with breech presentation with the head high up in the abdomen

instead of in the pelvis since it helps the baby turn so that it can be delivered head first. It is also

used to treat conditions like arthritis and digestive disorders.

TCM Herbs for Women’s Health

TCM uses herbs with antibacterial, antiviral and immunomodulating properties to treat various conditions. These herbals preparations are usually dispensed as extracts or dried plant material to make teas.

TCM herbal preparations are used to regulate periods in women. They are also used for infertility and conditions of the uterus like endometriosis and uterine fibroids. TCM herbal preparations are also used for PMS and menopause.

Qigong for Women’s Health

Qigong is a combination of body movements, postures, breathing and mind-body practices like

focused intention. It is done to improve the flow of chi in the body. Studies show that qigong improves bone health in women. It is also used to improve mental and physical health. Qigong also improves balance and muscle control and helps prevent falls.

Tui Na for Women’s Health

Tui Na is a deep tissue Chinese massage therapy which involves the practitioners doing rhythmic movements like gliding, pressing, rolling, tapping and vibrating the areas between the joints of the arms and legs. This is combined with massage and stimulation of acupressure points to improve the flow of chi in the body.

Tui Na is also used to treat chronic conditions affecting the muscles and joints like arthritis and

sciatica. It is also used to treat insomnia, constipation and headaches as well as improve a person’s well-being.

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