Introduce the mini-unit by making ‘iceberg’ white hot chocolate (add marshmallows and a few drops of blue food coloring) and sip it while watching the ‘Ice Worlds’ episode from the BBC’s Planet Earth Series.


Web Investigation

- On Google Earth investigate the Arctic Circle. Look at the ice, zoom into the coast to see the ice flows, and look at photos that have been taken in these areas. This will orient students and give them context for the rest of the unit.


-Take a look at the North Pole live webcam


- Watch this video about the midnight sun.


 - Complete the Geography section of the lapbook, as well as the polar bear and thermometer pieces.


- Put together an arctic food chain in this interactive game

or try this one out to create a more complex web


- Add the adaptation note to the lapbook, use resource books fill out the ‘can, has, are’ foldable notes for the animals.


- Read about the natural resources in the Arctic.        

- Complete the natural resources components of the lapbook.


- Make maple salmon for dinner 


- Attach front cover to complete lapbook.


- Watch a video of the aurora borealis


- Paint a picture of a tundra or arctic landscape using watercolors and paste it to the back of the lapbook.