Poway National Little League

Presided over by the Draft Committee – League President, Registrar and Player Agent The Draft Committee has complete authority over the draft. An additional PNLL board member will be present to observe the draft

Formation of Teams

Teams in the T-Ball and Rookie divisions are assigned through parent requests and Board assignments.

Teams in competitive divisions are formed using the player draft system. The player draft system is administered in the following manner:

One manager is assigned to each team and is the designated representative at the draft. Only the manager or a designate is allowed to attend the draft.

Managers may select one coach to help with the team throughout the season. The coach must be one of the two coaches allowed and must participate in coaching the practices and games. The child of the coach chosen by the manager will be assigned to that team as a coach’s pick. Managers must notify the Draft Committee prior to the draft of their coach and the name of the coach’s child. Once identified no changes will be allowed.

The managers will pick a number to determine draft order. Managers are seated in the order of the number picked. The manager selecting number one is designated as team one (1) and the manager selecting the number two (2) is designated as team two (2), etc.

The division managers shall work to come to a unanimous agreement on the appropriate round to select the manager’s and coach’s picks. If the managers and coach’s picks combine to give an unfair advantage to a team, the managers will come to a consensus on a draft handicap for that team, especially if these two (2) picks are rated in the 1st round. In the event consensus is not attained the PNLL draft committee will make the decision.

Before the commencement of the draft proceeding, the players that did not attend the assessment are identified. These players cannot be selected during the draft and are assigned to teams in a random manner during the final rounds of the draft. Players randomly assigned may not be traded to another team.

There will be no communication outside the draft room allowed. No cell phones, PDAs, or any item used to communicate outside the draft room will be allowed.

ROUND ONE begins with the selection of a player by TEAM ONE and ending with the final manager within that division (i.e. TEAM SIX). The manager from team one may select any player he/she desires except for other coach’s children, players not eligible for that division, or players who did not attend the assessment. Round one continues until each team has had a first round selection.

ROUND TWO begins with the selection of players beginning with TEAM SIX and ending with TEAM 1. Round TWO concludes when each team has a “second-round draft pick”. Rounds THREE through TWELVE continue in the same “snake pattern”.

It is strictly prohibited to disclose when players are picked and in which position outside the draft room.

Any player movement between teams (trades) takes place at the draft meeting and can only be completed with the approval of the Managers involved in the trade and the League President.

Players cannot be traded once the meeting is adjourned.

The League President can void any pick and request the Manager select another child. This is to occur with no questions asked.

Poway National Little League