Five Questions about Fostering a Fur Baby


Admit it, it’s almost impossible to walk by a puppy or a kitten and not have your heart melt with a million emotions. Even if you don’t have the time to stop and play, your mind wanders to the “what ifs” of bringing home a new companion. Imagine all the cuddles, the warm fuzzies, the play time, and the… commitment. Yikes! Bringing home a pet is a big responsibility and one that usually requires a decade or more commitment. Well at Deceased Pet Care, we love our pets, and we wanted to share an opportunity often forgotten in the pet world: fostering. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a quick list to cover the basics.

What is Pet Fostering?

Simply put, fostering a pet is the act of temporarily bringing a pet into your home. The commitment could be from a few days to a few months, but you can set the details of your availability. Your fostering could help free up space in a local shelter, or help nurse a pet back in need back to health. Fostering can be for dogs or cats, and the ages range from brand new babies, senior pets, to any age in between.

Why Foster?

We’re glad you asked. Fostering is an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in the life a pet without committing to a lifetime of care. We need pet foster homes for many reasons. Your local shelter could be overwhelmed and fostering you take some burden off the shetler. Fostering could also free up space for another in need or at risk pet to have a temporary home.

Some pets need special care which the shelter doesn’t have the time or resources to provide, and you could be part of the healing process. There are a ton more reasons, but it all boils down loving a pet that is in desperate need. Many pets will never make it to or out of the shelter, so even one pet helped is a much appreciated prospect.

What Questions Do I Need to Ask?

Fostering a pet isn’t the simplest of processes, but it’s well worth your investment of time. We can’t provide a comprehensive list of questions but we have a few to start. 1. How long am I willing to commit to fostering? 2. Do I have the free time or availability to care for a pet just as if it was my own? 3. Will bringing a pet home cause issues with my family, roommates, or current pet?

Even if you just have a few months, you can impact the life of a pet. Entering a fostering program is not a continual commitment, and you are free to take new pets at your leisure.

How Much Does It Cost?

While this answer varies by shelter and fostering program, you can always check with the shelter or agency before making a commitment. Usually, vet bills, shots, vitamins, food, and basic care supplies are paid for by the fostering program. You can even get a tax deduction for the costs incurred from fostering.

Where Do I Start?

This is probably the most important question. You can start by contacting your local shelter and asking if they offer fostering programs. If there aren’t any options in your immediate area, we recommend searching online at sites like petfinder to begin the process and see what opportunities are available. You can even search by breed! Either way, to get started, all you have to do is ask.

At Deceased Pet Care, we know our heart’s capacity to care for a pet is an endless wellspring of love. Sure, it can be scary. Of course, it’s a lot to take on. And yes, you will probably get attached. But the chance to show love to a pet who would otherwise find none is priceless, and worth every bit of heartache, happiness, and moments in between.