Hello First Program families,

Students and teachers have been working hard since returning from the winter break.  We are now right in the middle of Term 3.  Term 4 begins on Feb. 25th.  This announcement is to preview what is coming up at school over the next few months.

During Term 3, students will be filling out surveys that have been created by their teachers.  Homeroom teachers and specialists have been creating these surveys.  All grades’ surveys are age appropriate.  The purpose is for the teacher to improve and reflect upon her teaching practices.  This is something that is done annually.  Ask your child if they have done a class survey, yet, and how it went!

The end of Term 3 is nearing; we are excited about our Term 3 Assembly.  From the beginning of the year, we planned to have Drama performances at each assembly - we are excited that this will begin!  Parents of Grade 2 and Grade 3 students are invited to attend the Term 3 Assembly, which will take place, Monday, February 22, 10:30-12:00.  A detailed agenda will be shared with you, prior to the event.  

Students from all grades will partake in their first vocabulary Jeoparbee of the year.  This will take place Feb 2-4.  Jeoparbee is unique to CDS.  It mixes vocabulary with a spelling-bee contest into a Jeopardy-like game.  All grades, from PK-4 take part.  Students are required to know vocabulary that has been learned over the first half of the school-year, and be quick demonstrate this knowledge!  Each year we have two Jeoparbee events; the second one, which occurs at the end of the year, is the one parents are asked to attend.  For now, please help to support your child for this event by giving them praise for trying their best, and giving them an opportunity to be relaxed and rested before they compete.  More information will be given to each class by his or her teacher.

Labs will restart in Term 4.  Term 4 Labs will be chosen in school by the students.  This will take place on Feb 18.  Please remember to listen to what your child wants to do, and to discuss the choices available.  Check in to our Labs page to see what they choices are - it will be updated, soon!

Mar. 3 is our tentative date for our annual field trip to Job World.  Details will follow.  

Mar. 11 is a no-school day.  Teachers will be attending the annual KORCOS conference - the best education PD opportunity that occurs annually in South Korea.

Mar. 18 is Parent-Teacher Conference Day.

First Program Athletics

First Program Athletics is something that got off to great start this year with the Fall Soccer Season.  We are looking forward to our Spring Soccer Season.  This will begin right after Spring Break.  Details and sign-ups will follow.  

During the winter season, we would like to offer students a chance to do indoor activities.  We will offer two athletics choices: Badminton and Floor Hockey.  

We would like to begin these right after the Seollal break.  Badminton will occur Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:15-5:15.  Floor Hockey will occur Fridays from 3:00-4:30.  A separate sign-up sheet will be posted very soon.  Similar to Fall Soccer, there will be a small fee, and if/when we compete in a tournament, expect a small fee to participate.  

Badminton                 Tue/Thu        Feb 11-Mar 24         ~15x

Floor Hockey                Fri                Feb 12-Mar 25        ~5x

Thank you as always for your continued support.  Please always feel welcome to contact us in the FP Office to share any questions or concerns.  


Mr. Hill

Director of First Program