A Dog Called Bear

by Annette Smith (Purple)


We are learning to answer a range of comprehension questions.


Was Matthew happy about Bear being at school?  How do you know?

No?because his face looked mad

Why do you think the dog is called Bear?

Because he was brown like a bear and he looks like one

List at least 3 reasons why dogs are generally not allowed at school?

  1. Because they can poop
  2. They can really hurt someone
  3. They can mess up stuff home work

On page 6 why was Bear looking sad? 

Because he wanted to stay with him

On page 10 why did Mr Ford say, “Stay here, children.”

Because there might be blood  

How did Dog become a hero?

He saved a little girl from running on the road


Are these statements true or false?


Bear is a young dog.                                                                              True/False


Bear belonged to Matthew, who lived next door to school.                True/False


Bear was a friendly dog and all the children loved him.                      True/False


Bear was not a hero.                                                                          True/False


List 4 compound words from the text.







Find the contractions in the text and expand them.  The first one has been done for you.

1.  I’d - I would

2. I’ll i will

3.i’m i am

4.isn’t is not

5.he’s he is

Find a word with h  

He h0