OSSSL Referee Clinic        3/11/2015

Thank-you for refereeing OSSSL soccer games

No “gentleman’s agreements”.

Game length – Two 45 minute halves. Five minute half-time break.

Teams have until 15 minutes after scheduled start time to:

Home team- put up goals, have at least one referee. Both teams field at least 7 players.

Referees need not be paid if more than 15 minutes late.

Do not start clock at scheduled start time if players are not on the field.

We have two-hour blocks to get in two 45 minute halves and 5 minute halftime break.

Games must end before start time of following game on the same field.

One referee - $25 from each team. Must be at least 21 years old.

Two referees- $45 each. $45 from each team. Must be at least 18 years old.

Three referees - $45 from each team. Recommended $30 for each referee. Referee at least 21 years old. Assistant referees at least 16 years old.

No one may referee an OSSSL soccer match while serving a suspension resulting from misconduct as a player.

Every player must have a player pass for the team they play on. No pass – No play. Please arrive early enough to check every player/pass. Don’t just accept the team player pass bundle (unless you actually know every player). Players shall provide a valid identification (such as a driver’s license) if a player pass is questioned by a team or the referee.


Two guest players per team per game are allowed. One man, or one woman, or two women, or one woman and one man. NOT two men. Release from Liability form MUST be filled out BEFORE player can enter field. Again, NO Gentlemen’s agreements.

Home team provides filled out game card. Referee prints name, signs game card, enters score, and description of every caution and  send-off, get signature of team representatives. Return game card to home team at end of match unless a Send-Off was issued.

Maximum of Five male field players for a team. Team of eleven women is acceptable.

Maximum of two age 27 to age 29 allowed per team per game. Two on roster means no guests less than 30.

Unlimited substitution at ANY stoppage may be requested. Do not allow substitution if you think a team is trying to delay because the opponent is taking a corner-kick or a free-kick or throw-in near the goal.

No slide tackling, applies to everyone. No exception for goalies. Indirect free-kick.  A long stretch is not necessarily a slide tackle. A knee touching the ground is not necessarily a slide tackle. Hands touching the ground is not necessarily a slide tackle. A goalie sliding toward ball but gathering the ball into his hands is not a slide tackle. A goalie sliding toward ball and touching the ball with a foot IS a forbidden slide-tackle.

Women take Penalty kicks. Anyone may take drop ball. It is acceptable to drop the ball with no players nearby, only one player, or two players, or more players. Drop ball from waist level.


OSSSL is a recreational league, not a competitive league. Call more fouls.

If undecided, err on the side of safety and call a foul.

Be lenient with throw-in. Lifting a foot is not alone a reason to call a bad throw-in.


For every caution or send-off, OSSSL needs Player name, Team, Player pass number, and description of offense.

For send-off, keep game card and player pass. Fill out send-off report as soon as possible. For any send-off, please mail or deliver the completed game card, player pass and the referee’s Send-off report to the OSSSL Disciplinary Chairperson AND send a copy of the game card to the OSSSL Vice President. The League shall reimburse the referee for these costs, if requested.
The address of the Vice President and Disciplinary Chairperson is on the game card.

Send-off report form can be found at


Link to form is found on left side of osssl.org home page or on

OSSSL Discipline page http://osssldiscipline.blogspot.com/


There is no rule that says a woman cannot be legally charged.

Numbers are not required on uniforms.

Using OSSSL.ORG website

On left side of osssl.org  Home page there is  OSSSL Documents  link

On lower left side of  OSSSL Documents page under Referee Documents

 is Referee Send-Off Report  link to download the pdf form.


On left side of osssl.org Home page there is  DISCIPLINE page  link

On right side of  DISCIPLINE page  is  Referee Send-Off Report  link to download the pdf form.

The DISCIPLINE page also lists current players sitting out games.

Entering scores on GameOfficials

Log into GameOfficials.net

Click on “After Games”

Click on game number.

Enter game information; score, yellow, or red card information.