Ria Parikh | Staff Writer

Tatiana DeWitt, the floor counselor for the A2 wing, said that the checking out procedure was not something to stress out about. However, DeWitt said that certain procedures are vital to follow for a smooth checkout.

In response to a question, Administrative Assistant Linda Johnson said in an email that there is a total of 182 people staying at HSJI this week and eight of those people are staying over. DeWitt said that with a lot of people checking out, it’s important that people listen to the counselors’ pointers such as packing the night before and remembering to take out the trash.

“(When I was a student at HSJI) I followed all the rules, listened to everything my counselors said during the week, so I don’t remember checkout ever taking long for me,” DeWitt said.

In addition to following the rules of checkout, she said that students should embrace the knowledge they’ve gained at IU, and be ready to implement that knowledge into their high schools back home.

“Just be excited and go in ready to kill it this year” DeWitt said.