ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront



Attendance:  Tony Baylis, Paul Debevec, Jessica Hodgins, Masa Inakage, Jeff Jortner, Dinesh Manocha, Jacki Morie, James O’Brien, Turner Whitted, Jackie White, Debra Venedam, Erin Butler, Gregg Talley 

Jeff Jortner called the meeting to order at 8:40 pm PAC. He welcomed EC members and guests to the meeting. He recognized outgoing EC member Turner Whitted.

Jortner then reviewed the Electronic Motions.


SVR Discussion

EC members didn’t realize the SVR was on a stick. We don’t do a good job of advertising SVR and never have. This year, the SVR is included on the registration form and will be sold at the SIGGRAPH boutique. The SOMA website is confusing; we need to improve communications on the new site.


Committee Chair Positions

We have terms up for three committee chairs: Chapters, Communications, Digital Arts.

Chapters-There is one candidate—Mashhuda Glencross—for the chair position. She envisions this as more of a strategic role, as opposed to operational. She has been involved in the Chapters for several years. She’s organized and a good communicator.

Motion to approve Mashhuda Glencross as Chair of Chapters Committee.

Digital Arts—Cynthia Beth Rubin is the sole candidate for this position. She was instrumental in the development of the Digital Arts Award. She has a lot of energy and is well-versed in the workings of the community.

Motion to approve Cynthia Beth Rubin as Chair of the Digital Arts Committee.

Communications—There are two candidates for the Communications Chair—Barb Helfer and Brad Lawrence. Barb has a lot of experience and Brad has also contributed to many areas of the organization. This is a challenging role as it covers many areas—website, social media, village, etc. There needs to be a good committee structure underneath the chair. Both candidates speak to this. The Nominations Committee has recommended Barb Helfer based on her experience.

The EC discussed perhaps setting up a new role to investigate SVRs, streaming, recording¸etc. The EC feels Brad would be ideal for this position. Jeff will speak to Brad about this new role.

Motion to approve Barb Helfer as new Communications Chair.

Small Conferences

There are still some issues surrounding Small Conferences. It’s more a lack of communications. SIGCHI has a different structure; they have a committee member sitting on the steering committee. This might work for SIGGRAPH. It’s a liaison position to help navigate ACM, logistics questions, overall confusion. The idea would be to have the Small Conference Committee members serve as the liaisons. This would be a specified role for the committee members with identified tasks. We need to make this as a value to the small conferences as opposed to giving them policies to follow.

Action Item: The Small Conferences Committee should host a meeting at SIGGRAPH for small conference chairs. Start an email list to improve communications.

Open Access Policy—ACM SIGGRAPH will participate in open access. For 1 month around conference, content to this conference will be offered for free in the DL. Discussion around what is content. Is it only proceedings or is it art show, emerging technology, art papers? What should we do this year? SIGGRAPH already puts papers in DL two weeks prior to conference. Open access commitment is three years. We need to get information on this out to Small Conferences.

This open access is different that the author permissions policy that recently came out.

Action Items: Need to add the open access and authorizer to new web site under conference presentations.

Need clarification on if ACM SIGGRAPH still gets DL revenue from papers that author has paid the $1500.

At this time, the SIG will receive credit for all DL downloads regardless of open access options. This program will be evaluated down the line.

Action Item: Put together this policy and information and send it out with clarification from ACM on revenue piece.

SVR—Signed contract with SOMA for $30K. Contract does not include revenue piece since we have never received revenue. Need to also look at long delay before appearing in DL. SOMA provides different format that ACM does not provide. All sessions that we have permissions for will be recorded. Speakers are required this year to go to speaker prep to pick up badges. Permissions forms will also be available in speaker prep. The issue here is that sometimes the person presenting the paper does not have the authorization to sign the permissions form.

SIGGRAPH Asia—Things are going ok for SA 2013 but Hong Kong is slow to sign things. SA has been negotiating with China for 2014 for the past two years. The government there is turning over and this has slowed things down. Daniel is putting together a Plan B with Hong Kong for 2014 just in case we need a back-up plan.

Hong Kong will become the LA of Asia; negotiating with them to be there every other year. Singapore is not a financially viable location for us, so SA will not go back there.

SA would like to go back to Korea but we can’t get commissions there; there’s also political unrest there.  Japan is interested in SIGGRAPH and YT has been in contact with bureaus there. Japan is very expensive and SA would not get the same revenues from the government as we got the first time.

Conference chairs for China

Negotiations with Kohlnmesse for contract for 2014-16 are going well. There are some expenses that ACM SIGGRAPH has been paying but these will be moved over to the conference. Kohlnmesse believes in the conference and wants to keep moving forward with it.

CAG—Elona Van Gent has resigned from 2015 conference chair position. There are three applicants; deadline is May 16. Interviews will take place at upcoming CAG meeting and June logistics meeting. Decision should be made shortly after this.

Call for 2016 conference chair will open once 2015 replacement deadline has passed. Boston and Washington DC will bid for 2016.

Jackie’s term as replacement CAG Chair for Joe Marks term ends soon. Interview will be held next week at CAG meeting with the one candidate.

Freeman and SmithBucklin contracts have been renewed for five years. Design and print have been split out and separate rfps are out.

2013 is well underway. There will be registration and budget updates coming soon. There is a bit of a slowdown on Exhibits at this point. Academy keynote session will happen; there’s been a lot of negotiating on this. This will be a named lecture out of the Academy. Jeff has requested that Full Conference attendees be let in first.  

2014 kick-off was in February. Energized team and excited to be back in Vancouver.

The group has been looking at the Papers deadline issue. There have been discussions about moving SA to March. There is fear that SA is becoming more of a grad student conference since senior researchers can’t get away because the conference is near holidays. SA can’t be moved to January because of exhibitors because shipping would be over holidays. It looks like the conference will move to late October or early November; there would be no school conflict.

Nominations Policy

Change in Section 4.2 of the Policy document

The Nominations Committee will consist of at least 4 members (including the chair).

The Chair facilitates the discussion. There was some confusion about the wording. Jeff will clarify with Scott and send out for vote.

Tabled for further discussion with Scott Owen. Will send out to EC later for vote.

Conference Transfer

This came up at the CAG meeting and there was discussion about eliminating the transfer, and making it as one organization. Tony has developed additional language to include in the policy. The organization needs the conference transfer to help fund other programs and keep ACM SIGGRAPH in the black.

Reserve Fund Policy

The change here was to eliminate a Standing Committee Chair and to implement a process to submit. Jackie provided the history of the Reserve Fund. The conference feels that they are limited in their ability to spend for new ideas; the old policy had an amount the conference could spend without EC approval. This policy doesn’t address that. The policy will be presented to the CAG at its upcoming meeting.


Jeff previewed new site. The general consensus is that it is a huge improvement. The EC should send content or issues to Erin. Need to keep integrating user generated content into the site. Build a Siggrapedia.

Google Apps

Jeff reviewed google apps site, reminding EC members that their login was by title not name. The EC discussed whether links on web site should go directly to EC directors or just to the Executive Committee. The Directors were fine with emails going directly to them for response. Direct site is

Action Item: Change EC member links so emails will be forwarded directly to them.

Meeting Dates—The EC approved the following calendar of meetings, including two additional strategy sessions during SIGGRAPH.

Thursday, July 18, 2:00 pm- 8:00 pm (working dinner)

Friday, July 26, 8:00-noon

Fall Meeting—October 4-6 (arrive on 4th, meeting 5th and 6th)

Winter Meeting—January 31-February 2 (arrive 31, meeting 1st and 2nd)