Pituophis cateniferAs pets[edit]A pet rabbitElephant

South China tigerFile:Caribbean reef shark.jpgGorylThe kererū or New Zealand

What would make the best pet?

What animal would make the best pet? Explain why you think it would make the best pet. Use lots of detail, use long and short sentences, give examples of why it is a good pet and check your spelling and punctuation before you finish.

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I am going to explain why I like pets like dragons and godzilla and spinesaurs. When i first saw a dinosour i liked the t rex but when i saw a spinesours i was like. OMG OMG the spinosuors. Has flesh ripping claws and a jaw longer then a corcadlie. and godzilla is more then 500 feet tall. and and next the robo dragon A FEAKING ROBO DRAGON!!. lighting powers and a roor 20 times a t rex also