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Fall Cycling 


Technical Guide

October 20th-October 23rd 2016

Diva Camp Sponsors

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Diva Camp Staff

Staff Contacts:

Chad Andrews:  TotalCyclist President 704.281.5959

Helene Barrette: Mentor/Presenter

Terry Slifer: Staff/Soigneur 704.451.5936

Tom Fenig: Staff/Soigneur 704.363.7551

Pat McFeeley: Staff/Coach/Soignuer/ Co-Owner TotalCyclist

Dr. Christy Keely: TotalCyclist Coach/Marketing/PT

Contact information

Office: 704.376.7006


Diva Camp Summary

When: Thursday, Oct 20th-October 23rd

Where: Marietta, SC

Featuring Hincapie Gran Fondo and

Giordana Trunk show!


• Double Occupancy Plus (2-4 occupancy) 1299$!

Four days of beautiful bike rides in America’s premier cycling region! Professional coaching and clinics to improve your riding skills, Fun and sharing and community-building with like-minded women. Conquering new challenges, and of becoming a better YOU!

DivaCamp+ has more for you than ever before. New rides, new challenges, a new location, and a new, truly special, VIP experience at the Gran Fondo Hincapie - all included! 


Who: TotalCyclist Coaches and women in the sport!

Who is it for? Beginner and intermediate female cyclists who are

looking to enjoy a great vacation and improve their cycling, receive cycling coaching and

enjoy the camaraderie of others who enjoy cycling. However, if you are better than intermediate, bring it! We will still challenge you.

Inspiration/Collaboration for Diva Camp: The Divas!  Anita Franklin, Barbara Greene, D’Andrea Worrall

Diva Camp Location: Pleasant Ridge Retreat

Our base camp will be established at the beautiful Pleasant Ridge Camp & Retreat Centre, in Marietta, SC, located in Greenville County, one of the USA's prime cycling destinations.

Diva Camp Travel Planning


*Camp starts promptly at 1pm on Thursday, Oct. 23rd. There is a possibility of staying an extra night, at your own expense.

 Camp registration will be from

10am-1pm on Oct. 20th

You must provide your own transportation to Marietta, SC

The conclusion of the camp will be after the final ride and farewell

on Sunday, October 23rd

Bike Transport and Assembly:

If you are shipping your bike, please make sure it arrives at your hotel by Oct. 21st

Bike assembly and repacking are not included in this camp.

(Please make sure your bike box/case is clearly labeled with your name)

Phone: (864) 660-1065

Pleasant Ridge Camp & Retreat Centre, in Marietta, SC

4232 Highway 11, Marietta, SC 29661

Only ship FED EX or UPS


Greenville/Spartanburg Airport (GSP) is approximately a 40 minute drive away.

Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) is about 1.5 hours away.


Housing is included with this package!


Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner are part of the package!

Diva Camp Itinerary

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Diva Camp Recommended Items

to Pack/Bring

NEW THINGS FOR 2015 DivaCamp

crankset. (There will be climbing!)

Items to add for any TotalCyclist Camp occurring during October:

Long sleeve and/or thermal jersey

Diva Camp Costs/Cancellations

Mechanic can unpack/assemble and repack bikes for an additional charge of $50 per bike.


A non-refundable $100.00 deposit is due at time of registration. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the camp and will be billed automatically. The credit card information used for the deposit will be billed unless otherwise arranged with the TotalCyclist accounting department.


If a registered rider has to cancel for any reason, their deposit may not be refunded depending on when they

cancel. Additional cancellation fees may also apply.

Cancellation Fees:

• Deposit is non-refundable.

• 61-90 days prior: cancellation fee of 50% of original camp price

• 31-60 days prior: cancellation fee of 75% or original camp price

• 0-30 days prior: cancellation fee of 100% of original camp price


TotalCyclist reserves the right to cancel a camp. We will do so at least 30 days

prior to the beginning of the camp. In this event, registered participants will be issued a full refund. TotalCyclist is not

responsible for fees associated with planning the trip, such as airfare.

All fees will be applied to the camp for which the person is registered. If a registered individual has to cancel for any

reason, their deposit and all subsequent payments will be applied to the camp for which they have

registered and cannot be transferred to an alternate camp.

Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal