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Earthquake Quiz

Use your reference tables.

(Seismograph for question 1)




1. What is the difference in arrival time between the P and S wave from the seismograph above?

2. Based on your answer to (1), how far away is the earthquake’s epicenter?

3. What is the minimum number of seismographs you would need to determine where an earthquake epicenter is?

4. How long would it take for a P-wave to travel 2000 km?

5. What type of seismic wave, P or S, is recorded at seismometers first?

6. If you recorded P waves at exactly 12:50pm and the Earthquake happened 4000 km away, what time did the Earthquake occur?




7. Why do scientists infer that the outer core is liquid?

8. Why do Earthquakes occur rarely in New York, but often in California?