Class Awards

Choose one name to put next to each award. Don’t forget about yourself!!

  1. Number Cruncher (someone great at math):_________________________
  2. Class Bookworm (someone who loves to read):_______________________
  3. Super Star (someone great at music, PE, and Art):____________________
  4. Future Picasso (Someone great at Art):______________________________
  5. MVP (someone great at PE):_______________________________________
  6. Rock Star (someone great at Music):________________________________
  7. Peace Maker (someone who gets along with everyone):______________
  8. Curious George (Someone who asks a lot of questions):_______________
  9. Kindest Heart (someone super kind):________________________________
  10. Super Hero (someone you can rely on):_____________________________
  11. Brightest Smile (someone with a great smile):________________________
  12. Mr/Miss. Sunshine (someone with a great personality):_________________
  13. Little Firecracker (someone with a ton of energy!):____________________
  14. Hardest Worker (someone who tries hard):___________________________
  15. Role Model (someone you can look up to):__________________________
  16. Magical Mind (someone very smart):_______________________________
  17. Creative Genius (someone great at writing stories):__________________
  18. Funniest of All (someone who makes everyone laugh):_______________
  19. Fashionista (someone who always looks good):______________________
  20. Lovely Locks (someone with great hair):_____________________________
  21. Bubbly Buddy (someone everyone wants to play with)______________________
  22. Mini-Teacher (someone who is helpful):__________________________________