Summer-­‐Autumn  2014  Newsletter      IDEA  Executive  Officer  Meeting  in  Rostock,   Germany   From  31st  October-­‐4th  November  2014,  the   elected  officers  of  IDEA  and  its  various   committees  will  meet  at  Hochschule  für  Musik   und  Theater  Rostock  in  Rostock,  Germany   alongside  the  Ständinge  Konferenz  Spiel  und   Theater.  This  event  will  be  an  opportunity  to   discuss  and  plan  for  IDEA’s  ongoing  work.  We   sincerely  wish  to  thank  Prof  Marion  Küster,   Aline  Menz  and  their  institution  for  hosting,  as   well  as  IDEA  Administrator  Anne  Winterton  for   helping  to  plan  this  event.        New  IDEA  Member  Dr  Persephone  Sextou     IDEA  would  like  to  welcome  its  newest   Associate  Member  Persephone  Sextou.  Dr   Sextou  is  a  Senior  Lecturer  in  Drama  at  Newman   University  and  leader  of  the  Drama  and   Education  JH  programme  of  the  BA  Drama   course  in  Birmingham,  UK.  She  is  also  the   founder  and  artistic  director  of   Community/Applied  Drama  Laboratory   (CADLab).  Her  passion  is  to  produce  practice-­‐as-­‐ research  with  communities  in  the  UK,  Europe   and  Africa.        Congratulations  to  John  O'Toole     IDEA  congratulates  long-­‐time  IDEA  member   John  O’Toole,  who  recently  became  a  Member   of  the  Order  of  Australia  in  honour  of  his  work   and  significant  service  to  Drama  Education  as  a   lecturer,  author,  mentor  and  researcher.      IDEA  Membership  Drive     IDEA  is  looking  to  expand  its  membership  base   and  is  calling  on  current  members  to  help  us.  If   you  know  of  organizations  that  may  benefit   from  joining  IDEA,  please  encourage  them  to   contact  the  IDEA  Secretary  at  

      International  Drama/Theatre  and  Education  Association   Association  Internationale  d’Art  Dramatique/Théâtre  et   Éducation   Asociación  Internacional  de  Drama/Teatro  y  Educación  for  membership   application  forms.        Please  note  that  the  ‘membership  portal’  on  the   IDEA  website  (http://www.idea-­‐  is  no   longer  up-­‐to-­‐date  and  applicants  must  submit   their  applications  to  the  Secretary  directly.      New  IDEA  web  site   Work  continues  on  the  development  of  the  new   IDEA  web  site.     Stand  by  for  its  launch.      IDEA  Land  and  Home  Project  Update   The  “Land  and  Home”  IDEA  project  was   conceived  immediately  following  the  2013  Paris   Congress  and  has  generated  some  very  positive   responses  from  around  the  world.  Significantly,   at  the  5  May  2014  meeting  of  the  International   Network  for  Research  in  Arts  Education  (INRAE)   in  Hong  Kong,  the  International  Arts  for  Peace   Research  Symposium  signed  a  declaration   calling  upon  educators  to:    

explore  ways  in  which  they  can   contribute  to  sustainable  development;    

create  partnerships  that  promote   collaboration  between  educators  in  the   arts  and  in  sustainable  development;   and    

declared  its  intention  to  actively   promote  the  shared  goals  of  arts   education  and  education  for   sustainable  development  in   cooperation  with  UNESCO  and  through   partnerships  such  as  the  International   Arts  for  Peace  Festival.  IDEA’s  “Land   and  Home”  project  fulfills  the  mission   of  the  Hong  Kong  declaration.    

To  date,  we  have  several  exciting  projects  that   engage  with  environmental  and  sustainability   concerns,  as  well  as  with  various  types  of   development,  and  how  they  have  impacted  or   changed  cultures  and  their  relation  to  the  land.   See  the  Appendix  for  a  brief  description  of   several  of  these  projects.      The  expected  duration  of  this  project  is  two  to   three  years,  and  it  will  bring  together  up  to  two   hundred  people.  The  objectives  of  the  project   are  to  give  young  adults  (from  16  years  old)  an   international  platform  to  express  and  share   their  ideas  about  the  relationship  between   humanity  and  the  land  we  inhabit,  and  to  foster   regional  and  international  arts  collaboration   between  a  variety  of  populations  and  groups  on   this  central  theme,  using  a  wide  variety  of   media.        Teachers  of  Art  who  were  trained  in   Interdisciplinary  work  will  prepare  short   performances  in  their  home  countries,  leading   up  to  an  exchange  in  Portugal,  during  which  the   partners  will  share  these  performances.        Through  the  development  and  sharing  of  these   various  projects,  the  international  team  of   leaders  will  document,  reflect,  and  explore  how   the  act  of  artistic  expression  could  make  a   difference  in  the  lives  of  the  people  in  these   communities.  Can  the  act  of  sharing  these   concerns  between  people  from  a  variety  of   countries  help  to  strengthen  their  voices,  and   grant  them  a  hearing  in  the  global   conversation?      Our  next  task  will  be  to  develop  ways  for  all   these  artists  and  project  leaders  to  share  the   fruits  of  their  work  with  one  another,  and  with   the  IDEA  Congress  in  Ankara  in  2016.      Reminder  -­‐  Payment  of  Fees  and  Membership   Update  Forms   This  is  a  friendly  reminder  to  IDEA  members   who  have  not  yet  submitted  their  membership   payment  to  IDEA  for  2014-­‐2015  to  contact  the   IDEA  Treasurer  at    

   For  those  who  have  not  yet  submitted  their   Membership  Update  Form,  which  will  be  used   to  list  IDEA  members  on  our  new  website   directory,  please  send  them  to  IDEA   Administrator,  Anne  Winterton  at  and  IDEA  Secretary   Kim  Snider  at      Call  for  Spanish  Translators   IDEA  is  looking  for  volunteer  translators  to   translate  our  documents  and  e-­‐bulletins  from   English  to  Spanish.  Interested  parties  should   contact  the  IDEA  Administrator,  Anne  Winterton   at      Upcoming  Conferences   Drama  Australia  –  Evolve  ’14  –  2-­‐4th  October,   2014,  Hobart,  Tasmania.        CODE  (Council  of  Ontario  Drama  and  Dance   Educators)  –  Mirrors  in  Dance  and  Drama:  A   Journey  to  Identities  –  17-­‐19th  October,  2014,   Ottawa,  Canada.      WAAE  (World  Alliance  for  Arts  Education)  Global   Summit  –  Transform:  From  Inception  to   Innovation  in  Arts  Education  –  26-­‐28  November,   2014,  Griffith  University,  Brisbane,  Australia.      Save  the  Date   SDEA  (Singapore  Drama  Educators  Association)   Theatre  Arts  Conference  –  Standing  Still:  Still   Standing  –  26-­‐28th  June,  2015.   IDIERI  (International  Drama  in  Education   Research  Institute)  8th  Annual  Institute,   Singapore  –  Open  Culture  in  the  Asian  Century:   Reimagining  Drama  Education  –  30  June-­‐5  July,   2015.      Do  you  know  of  a  conference  or  event  that   might  be  of  interest  to  IDEA  members?  Email   your  organization’s  information  to  the  IDEA   Secretary  at  for   inclusion  on  our  Facebook  page  and  in  our  next   e-­‐bulletin.        

Appendix  –  Summary  of  Land  and  Home   Projects   Submitted  by  IDEA  Director  of  Projects  Sonya   Baehr      From  Taiwan  we  have:  “If  We  still  Have   Tomorrow,”  a  project  proposed  by     Dr.  Wan-­‐Jung  Wang,  Associate  Professor  and   Chair  of  the  Department  of  Drama  Creation  and   Application,  National  University  of  Tainan,   Taiwan.  Dr.  Wang  will  be  developing  a   production  of  an  original  musical  theatre  piece   involving  collaboration  between  Taiwanese,   Philippine  and  Japanese  artists,  exploring  the   tension  between  flood  crisis  and  economic   development  in  these  countries,  with  an  after-­‐ show  discussion  at  her  university.      From  Indonesia  we  have  “Akibat  Kapu-­‐Kapu,   The  Butterfly  Effect,”  a  project  sponsored  by   Yayasan  Konservasi  Sawah,  Bali.  The  production   is  a  collaboration  between  Ariel  Ashwell,  an   American  director  and  choreographer,  and   Wayan  "Dedik"  Rachman,  a  Balinese   ethnomusicologist  who  composes  and  directs   several  gamelan  orchestras  for  both  children   and  adults.  The  cast  is  composed  entirely  of   Balinese  performing  artists  whose  farming   families  live  on  the  outskirts  of  Ubud.  Using   traditional  Balinese  Temple  dance  constructs,   shadow  play  and  original  music,  the  piece   explores  the  decision  to  sell  sawah  land  (the  rice   paddies)  for  a  great  deal  of  money  or  to   maintain  the  land  and  the  cultural  heritage   interwoven  into  the  fabric  of  the  rice  farm   community.  The  project  is  supported  by  local   government  agencies  as  well  as  Balinese   television  and  will  tour  villages  throughout  Bali.   Each  performance  will  include  an  extensive  “talk   back”  session  during  which  the  local  community   can  discuss  the  issues  raised  by  the   performance.  

From  New  Zealand,  we  have:  “Turangawaewae   Rua  Tekau  ma  Tahi,”  a  project  led  by  Bianca  Till,   Drama  Teacher  and  a  Dean  at  Waiuku  College,   in  South  Auckland.  Over  the  next  year,  she  will   devise  a  piece  focusing  on  Turangawaewae,  the  

Maori  concept  of  how  we  are  connected  to  our   Place,  our  relationship  with  where  we  live.  With   the  participation  of  students,  community  elders,   and  teachers  from  a  pool  of  secondary  schools,   primary  schools,  and  universities  across  the   North  Island,  the  group  will  explore  the  cultural   myths  of  place  and  belonging  that  each   participant  brings  with  them  to  the  project,   including  current  issues  like  climate  change  and   population  density,  as  well  as  the  complexities   of  cultural  identity  in  a  community  which   includes  Chinese,  Samoan,  Tongan,  Maori,   Pakeha  (NZ  European),  Indian  and,  recent   immigrants  from  Europe,  Asia,  Middle  East  and   Africa.  The  Turangawaewae  Rua  Tekau  ma  Tahi   project  hopes  to  connect  a  performance  at  the   2016  Avignon  Fringe  Festival  with  participation   at  the  Ankara  IDEA  Congress.  

From  the  United  States  we  have:  “Cotton  &   Collards:  Unearthing  Stories  of  Home  Through   Kitchens  and  Closets,”  led  by  Beth  Murray,   Assistant  Professor  of  Theatre  Education  at  the   University  of  North  Carolina  at  Charlotte.  In  a   project  currently  conceived  to  include   approximately  8-­‐10  teacher  participants,  40-­‐60   student  participants,  and  80-­‐120   family/community  participants  through   interviews,  “Cotton  &  Collards”  will  explore  how   the  historical  and  contemporary  stories   surrounding  the  greens  people  eat  and  the   clothes  they  wear  weave  stories  of  land  and   home,  then  and  now.  Using  interviews,  oral   history  strategies  and  research,  students  will   gather  stories  and  information  and  explore   multiple  perspectives  filtered  through  theatre   and  storytelling  strategies.  Each  group  will   capture  their  emerging  story  or  stories  through   video.  The  video  segments  will  be  woven  into   one,  for  distribution  within  their  schools  and   communities  and  beyond.        From  Australia  we  have  a  proposed  “ethno-­‐ drama”  to  be  collectively  devised  by  students  at   the  Australian  Catholic  University  in  Ballarat  and   led  by  Gillian  Schroeter,  who  is  a  lecturer  in   Education  and  Arts.  Undergraduate  “pre-­‐ service”  teachers  at  the  Ballarat  campus  come  

from  rural  and  city  areas,  forming  a  great  cross-­‐ section  of  future  teachers.  They  will  collaborate   on  the  creation  of  a  performance  piece   concerned  with  the  severe  effects  of  drought   and  poor  water  quality  in  their  community.   These  young  teachers  are  passionate  about   giving  their  future  students  the  tools  to  make   sound  environmental  choices  and  many  have   stated  that  their  reasons  for  choosing  teaching   as  a  profession  stemmed  from  their  desire  to   make  a  difference  in  the  lives  of  the  children  in   their  communities  by  raising  awareness  of  these   global  issues.  Australian  curriculum  requires   that  children  be  taught  to  become  global   citizens,  who  are  aware  of  their  environments   and  the  effects  their  actions  have  upon  their   own  well-­‐being  and  those  who  live  in  more   vulnerable  circumstances.  This  ethno-­‐drama  will   be  performed  at  the  university  and  Ballarat   theatre  venues  in  the  local  community.  It  will   teach  young  teachers  how  to  examine   important  issues  with  their  students  through   the  performing  arts.    It  will  fulfill  Australian   curriculum  requirements  and  help  the  local   community  to  better  understand  what  draws   young  people  to  the  profession  of  teaching,  and   how  this  can  benefit  the  world  at  large.      IDEA  Europe  has  developed  its  own  “European   Exchange  project  LAND  and  HOME”  as  a  part  of   the  ERASMUS  STRATEGIC  PARTNERSHIP.  The   exchange  will  include  10  Partners:  

- MOVEIMENTE  –  PT,  Coordinator  of  this   Exchange  Project  LAND  and  HOME   - UCK  –  The  Netherlands,  General  

Coordinator  of  all  CONNECT  UP   activities   - BDD  –  NL   - AAA  Fabre  Vieux  –  FR   - CEDEUM  –  Rep.  of  Serbia   - CDA  –  Turkey   - IDEA  NEDELAND  -­‐  NL   - Un.  of  STAVAGER  –  NO   - Un.  of  EVORA  –  PT   - IDEA