Terms for promotional campaigns using coupons


Participation in the promotional campaign is restricted to users of the Fever application.


Fever will communicate, through public or private media, the existence of a promotional coupon. This promotional coupon may or may not be of first use. First use coupons will only benefit users who download the application Fever for the first time or those who have not entered any other promotional code previously. Upon the redemption of the coupon by the user, Fever will assign a coupon with the corresponding amount to the "Coupons" section of the user’s profile. This coupon can only be used within the application Fever.

Start date

The start date of the promotional campaign will be the first day that that users are informed, by whichever medium, of the existence of the promotional coupon.


Each coupon will have an expiration date specified in the conditions of use of this coupon. Nevertheless, Fever can unilaterally and without notice, increase the validity of the coupons the time it deems appropriate.

Data protection

Conforming with current legislation concerning the protection of data of a personal nature, the personal data of the participants will be recorded and stored in an automated archive of data, for which Fever is responsible. This purpose of this archive is to facilitate participation in the present promotion and/or any future promotion that may take place. Under no circumstance will Fever transfer the personal data of the user to a third party without the previous consent of the user.

Participants in promotional campaigns have the right to oppose, cancel and amend information by addressing a letter to:

Fever Labs Inc.

524 Broadway 7th floor, New York, NY 10012, USA

or by addressing an email to:


Obtaining the terms

Any interested party may acquire a copy of the terms of the promotion from Fever offices located at:

524 Broadway 7th floor, New York, NY 10012, USA