August Durlacher

Mr. Campbell/ Mrs. Brooks

Humanities 9th

24 February 2017

Research Proposal

Cleaning Up the Streets

A street cleaner they are using right now in other parts of the world.

Street Cleaner. Digital image. Http://airuse.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/street-cleaners-efficiency_b7.jpg. Air Use, n.d. Web. 23 Feb. 2017. <http://airuse.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/street-cleaners-efficiency_b7.jpg>.

Table of contents

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  1. Your Definition of Innovation in City Planning

Innovation in city planning is coming up with an original idea to make the citizens the happiest they can be and have the city be as effective as possible.

  1. How has Atlanta used innovation in urban planning? 

Atlanta has used innovation in urban planning when they started to build and are building the new city center. The innovation from building the new city center is that they are taking old lots that were not being used and turning it into a place where everyone can use it.

  1. Objective
  1. Introduce your HMW. Explain your goals for your HMW. What do you hope to achieve?

My HMW is how might we have a more efficient way to clean up the streets. My goals for this HMW is to have a more efficient and effective way to clean up the streets. Another goal I have is to implement street cleaners that would go around early in the morning to clean up the streets. I hope to achieve a more effective way to clean up the streets that is well managed.

  1. Existing Conditions
  1. Describe the conditions in vivid details, helping readers see what you observed.

The part of Grant Park that we went was very dirty, there was broken glass everywhere and plastic bags just flowing wind. Grant was a great Park, but since there was a lot of trash so nobody wanted to be there.

  1. Explain where the conditions are and how long they have been like this.

Since the rise of the Automobile Atlanta and other states have been growing exponentially dirtier. Grant Park is no exception, Every time I go there it becomes dirtier and dirtier.

  1. Explain what caused the conditions and how people in the community feel about them

What caused the conditions is a combination of neglect and abuse from the people living there and also if the place is already dirty then people don’t care if they litter as much as they would if the place was clean.

  1. Explain why these conditions need innovation

The conditions need innovation because the traditional means of keeping the neighborhood and place clean aren’t working and we need to come up with a new way to make it cleaner there.

I took this Image in grant park. It is hard to see but along side the bottom part of the fence is a combination of leaves, torn paper and broken glass.

Proposed Innovation

Summary of Innovation

  1. Describe the proposed innovation

My Proposed innovation is a street cleaner that would go out at 2 to 3 am in the morning. It would be kinda similar to the ones in New York City, but they would be smaller and quieter. There would be a bundle of brushes on the front of the Street cleaner that would filter trash. Behind the brushes there would be a vacuum that would suc up the trash that didn’t get stuck in the brushes. The trash that get sucked into the vacuum will go into a container in the back of the truck. There would be doors in the back of the truck and you could take the container out of the back and recycle the recyclables and throw out the trash. Inside the front of the cleaner where the seat are, there is going to be a high power vacuum that the workers will use when the cleaner is too big for the road or street. The street cleaners would be held at a recycling center so the recyclables can be easily put away and not be a hassle.

  1. Describe how the innovation will benefit the members of the community

This would be a benefit to the community because the streets would be cleaner and not be as dangerous. Since the streets would be cleaner, by cleaning up all the broken glass and trash, people won’t be littering as much because people don’t litter as much in cleaner areas. This Innovation will also create jobs for people, because the city will need men to operate the cleaners to go around the city. I interviewed my mom and asked her about the trash problem and what she thought about it. She said, “I believe that trash in the roads and on the sidewalks is a very important thing to get rid of. The only reason why people litter is that they don’t care if the place is already disgusting so they don’t feel so bad when they litter”.

  1. Identify the following needs:
  1. Materials

materials for this project are:

  1. street cleaners - We need to have street cleaners to go around the city and clean the streets

There are many building materials that will be needed for this project. Possible building materials for the storage place are steel, wood, cement and brick. There will be a need to have uniforms like any other public work jobs. we will need to hire people to actually go around in the street cleaners.

  1. Approvals

We would need the mayor’s approval to have the street cleaners go out onto the streets. We will need to have the Georgia Sanitation Crew’s approval because we want to schedule a time where the garbage trucks and street cleaners are at different times and places. Actually we will evently need the governor's approval if we want to do this all over georgia and not just in Atlanta.

  1. Resources/land

We would need space at the recycling centers to build the storage facility to keep the Cleaners somewhere. Since the cleaners will be at recycling centers they could easily recycle the recyclables. We will also need roads that can fit the street cleaners and have places to clean.

  1. Plan for Implementing Innovation
  1. Possible challenges you could face and solutions

One possible challenge that I might face is that the street cleaners are too large for some roads and streets. A solution to that problem is that we have the people driving the street cleaners go out with a large vacuum that will pick up trash off the road.  Another problem that I could face is that the street cleaners might be too loud and wake some people up and they might complain and try to remove the street cleaner from that area.

  1. Historical precedents
  1. What social changes have been brought about by new technologies? (Connection to Honors project)

A social change that had be brought about is transportation by the Ford Model T. The Ford Model T revolutionised transportation and travel. The change of travel has also affected modern street cleaners and will effect my street cleaner. While the Automobile, Model T, was an overall a great innovation, it made pollution increase by tenfold.

  1. How has India dealt with issues surrounding urban planning?

        India has dealt with urban planning there in many different ways. For the lower class India doesn’t even bother with trying to make it more innovative. It usually lands on the poor civilians to make their own innovations for their surroundings. Balram did this in the White Tiger when Balram moved into the nasty room underneath the tower in Delhi. It was barely livable than Balram went in fixed it.

This is a prototype that I have made for what the street cleaner would look like. There is a vacuum behind the brushes that picks up the trash that goes into the container.

This is a picture of of possible locations that the Street cleaner can go and also a rough draft of what the storage building would look like.


  1. Summary of Key Points
  1. Restatement of the need for innovation that is described in this proposal

The City of Atlanta needs this innovation because it will help the city become the best it can be. Not only will it take us of the dirtiest cities list,but it will make Atlanta a friendlier place to be. It would also create more jobs and improve Atlanta’s economy.

  1. How this proposal clearly addresses the need

        This proposal has clearly expressed the need for this Innovation thoroughly. First it explained how it would help Atlanta in proposed innovation part A, subsection a. It says that it will make the streets cleaner and less dangerous, so more people will go out and walk around. Also it explains in the same paragraph that It would create more jobs and improve the economy

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