Tinypx Offers Plenty of Image Manipulation Options to Suit Creative Marketing & Business Needs

Users can maximize their website’s creative sales potential and at the same time save image bandwidth & effort by modification of image URL services offered by Tinypx. Business people can enhance their customer experience with lightning-speed cloud technology and spend their free time in creative content instead of coding.

Tinypx does not require graphic design team and Photoshop knowledge and has made powerful image editing easy. They can help users to increase visual interest with unique effects to generate conversation around client’s brand or products. Tinypx offers Stamp a Watermark services where images are protected with custom watermarks and logos to safeguard distribution of intellectual property. Customers can establish a statement for their products by enhancing and adjusting catalogue photographs with expert help from Tinypx.

Tinypx offers various features including Resize images online, Add text, Format text, Change JPG quality, Scale images utility, Rotate, Add mask, Change hue, Adjust brightness, Sepia tone Monochrome, Color Quantization, Adjust Gamma, Transparency, Blur, Photography Effect, Face detection, Pixelate, Border padding, background colours, Create badges, apply filters and many more.

Tinypx offers better Performance compared to its competitors in terms of Lightning-fast delivery using 100% optimized cloud infrastructure across multiple geographic zones for a robust architecture. They help supercharge the images closer to customers at any location. Customers are allowed to monitor and track everything in their real-time Tinypx dashboard, stay informed on the band-with usage and processing counts.

They offer easy integration with an existing image store with no migration needed. SECURITY is taken care by Free SSL certificate, fully automated for customer’s subdomain and images can be signed and secured. Images are delivered via CDN to offload heavy traffic from user’s infrastructure.

About tinypx:

Tinypx offers image manipulation services to cater to creative marketing and business needs. Tinypx helps its customers to attain more powerful marketing campaigns, lightning fast image delivery without any lock-in for image storage and easy integration with minimal setup having very easy learning curve with plenty of image manipulation options to suit their creative marketing and business needs.

To find out more about tinypx visit http://www.tinypx.com/