Lakeside Pines Campground Policies:

P.O. Box 182

North Bridgton, Maine 04057

GPS: 54 Lakeside Pines Road Bridgton, Maine 04009


Welcome and thank you for choosing Lakeside Pines Campground for your camping destination. In order to camp together in a close community it is necessary to be considerate of other campers and the property on which you expect to enjoy your vacation. Lakeside Pines is privately owned and operated. We reserve to right to ask those who do not wish to observe our policies to leave.

Lakeside Pines assumes no responsibility for the use of its grounds and facilities. The use is entirely at the user’s risk. The user also assumes full responsibility for injury or illness occurring to them or to those in their camping party. Additionally, Lakeside Pines Campground assumes no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen property occurring to anyone while on its grounds or in its facilities.